Steak with eggplant in beer and honey mustard

Is there someone in the world who doesn’t love a well cooked, high quality steak? We will never be able to believe! And if the steak is paired with beer and mustard and much more. Of course you can just fry the meat in the pan and no longer torment him, but somehow it is too simple and not elegant. Brutal man should know why his fridge someone put eggplant, and why such a thing as honey. This time we are glad to present you a unique, delicious and yet simple way to make a steak better than he is.


For mustard:

150 grams yellow mustard seeds;

– 75 grams brown mustard seeds;

– 110 ml white wine vinegar;

60 grams of ordinary honey;

– 200 ml pale ale.

For steak:

– 4 large steak (at 170-180 grams each);

– 4 tablespoons of olive oil and a small piece of butter (for frying);

– 2 eggplant (pre-cut into pieces of 2-3 cm);

2 heads red or white onion (chop coarsely);

– 3 sprigs of rosemary.


And what to do with all this good? First prepare the mustard is important, dammit! Pour vinegar and honey into a small pan that does not stick. Nagreva med until, until it dissolved in vinegar. With the mixture of the fields of the mustard seed that had previously been placed in any capacity, of course. Carefully stir and add beer. As for the beer, then take only ale. Lager in steak we don’t need! In any case, mix everything again and put aside, covered with cling film. In General, such a mustard of better harvest the night before. It should stand for at least 4 hours. But hunger time is short. After you really need to make this mixture a homogeneous mass. If you have a food processor, it’s in the bag, and this thing will take you a few minutes. All mustard seeds must be broken, in General. If no blender, use a blender instead. Well, remember the dark ages and do all the means at hand.

Moving on to the steaks. First, put them between two pieces of cling film and lightly go through them with a rolling pin. You just need to smooth the meat, not intentions. On each steak, we’ll have two tablespoons of mustard. Distribute it evenly.

Meanwhile, heat the pan. When it becomes hot, add two tablespoons of olive and a small piece of butter. Make it so that less meat is burnt. Once the butter has melted, put our gorgeous steaks and fry for 3-4 minutes on each side. However, there are different degrees of roasting, so your taste is not excluded. If you want, bake it longer or less. In General, take out your steaks and let them rest.

Send in the pan the remaining oil and add eggplant, onion and rosemary. Fry this vegetable mixture should be within 5-6 minutes, not more. But don’t forget to stir and flip. Eggplant should be brown and soft. Then just put the meat with vegetables on my own plate, well friends, of course, and spraying the top with a good portion of mustard.

Such food can’t be beat!

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