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manygoodtips.com_15.07.2014_I5vAfZ9I8pSolThere seems to be a stereotype that successful people are callous soul. Supposedly, if he succeeded, then at the time he went over the heads. He is cruel, indifferent and only thinks about money. So I would say every Peter, getting out his once broken nine. But not all rich and successful people, are a presentable portrait. Remember Oprah Winfrey, bill gates, JK Rowling or Richard Branson. Each of these people to wish your grandmother with 80 years anniversary.

What will help you be as successful? First of all — kindness. Surprised?


Balance and harmony you have to be in everything. If you have the condition, a large and beautiful house in which you spent days and nights waiting for a family favorite, that is not balance. Balance is when you understand that you need your family, and that money is not the main component. If you’re in harmony with yourself, with family, with work, then you’re on the right track.

When you reach that balance, you can live comfortably and you give its harmony, as well.

2.Without competition

Any competition breeds selfishness. This won’t help career. You don’t have to be a Pro in everything. Enough to cover 1-3 of the sphere of activity in which you’re constantly improving. And where you, by definition, no one can compete with. Competition can play a role of motivator, but in any case they carry with them the negative. Protect yourself from the competition.

3.The right people

Spend time with good, kind and honest people. «With whom povedeshsya, on and nabereshsya.» Just like Gopnik walk with gopari, you should spend time with the right people you can gain experience. Define your social circle. You realize those are people, after you spend time with them. Enough to listen to your feelings after your meeting.


Be kind to yourself, even if you have created something meaningless and it torment you. Negativity and self-doubt can stop you at the crucial moment. Look at your failure from a positive side, or at least try… a little. Don’t need days and nights to lament, to cry and to vysmarkivatsya t-shirt. Understand that a mistake has been made, another time, you will not do that.


Help others achieve their cherished goals. Share your experiences, offer help. You’d do better not only that person but also yourself. If you helped someone, probably that person will help you in the future. Please help. With the expectation of a further term. Do it because you like to be kind, because you want to help the less successful.


Be thankful for everything you have, no matter to whom — to yourself, God or the spaghetti Monster. Don’t complain that what you have is no, be happy with what you have. You did all this, your brain and work has led you to this. Is it possible not to rejoice? And don’t you deserve staysick of beer for the contribution?

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