Starbucks introduced a new drink: coffee flavored beer


Starbucks invented new dark latte with whipped cream, dark caramel sauce and flavored coffee syrup that will taste like Guinness beer is familiar to all. Unfortunately, this drink can try only to residents of Ohio and Florida. Though a latte and has a distinct taste of beer, there’s not a drop of alcohol.

Starbucks is famous for its original and seasonal additions to the menu. Thus, the menu of the coffee chain appeared Ice-cold Frappuccino and Latte with spices and pumpkin flavor. It’s time for something revolutionary new. And the creators of a unique brand thought it would be good to cooperate and develop a joint product, along with a beer brand Guinness.

Starbucks promised that, despite the heady flavor, a new drink will be absolutely soft. It is also known that if Ohio and Florida drink will be popular, it will begin cooking and other chain coffee shop, Starbucks. And while feedback on Twitter about the new drink is not the most positive.

This successful experiment or not — not so important. The important thing is that the advertising campaign was a success. Guinness and Starbucks reached a new level and may soon surprise us with something new.


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