Stanley Kubrick, probably the most talented and epic filmmaker of the last century

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Of course, you, my friend, will still have a lot of very talented and controversial filmmakers cite as an example. But Kubrick, of course, will be if not in the top five geniuses, then certainly in the top ten. Such glory was ensured by the selection of works, which he filmed, and gives style to film, especially it concerns visuals and original solutions in this Kubrick is just a master. We will not paint in detail the biography of the artist, and you can read on Wikipedia. We’ll just talk about the most deliver the films of Kubrick, who simply must see every self-respecting bro. The first real glory Stanley Kubrick brought to the film in the genre of peplum — Spartak, in which the main role was played by kirk Douglas. The peplum genre is an epic action based on a myth, historical event, the aim of which is to show historical events, as if to say, historically. The point of peplum is to show the pathos of the moment and his incredible epic, historical accuracy, and you can pozabite. «Spartak» to this end, more than coped. The film was shown even in the Soviet Union, where like many Soviet citizens. «Spartak» has made Kubrick famous, despite the fact that he continued to remain an independent Director. «Space Odyssey 2001» is still a good example of how to make science fiction. Most of the effects and visual techniques, which usually can be found in almost all SF movies were first invented and realized for the first time in history in this film. In creating the visuals was attended by the famous and still young Douglas between Trumbull, who in the near future will be responsible for the visual range of the iconic «blade Runner razor». «Space Odyssey 2001» is remarkable in that 2 hour movie in only 45 minutes of time with dialogue. The rest of the time is a beautiful visual pictures with hidden meanings. This film most people cite the example of when we want to win the argument «Why Stanley Kubrick is overrated». In addition, in this film is HAL 9000, the first artificial intelligence, which wanted to «kill all men» even before it became fashionable.


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«A clockwork orange» most people consider the most iconic Kubrick film. The reasons for this are many. Generally it is neubrucke movie and the most bobrikovskiy in his filmography. All the signs of Kubrick available: specific visuals, close-UPS, plenty of classical music, strange costumes and interior design. The film gives a nice tension and violence, but at the time, was subjected to desperate criticized for depiction brutal teenagers. It is noteworthy that after its release on the big screens of the movie in England, a wave of teenage crimes. Some of the gang, by the way, was dressed like gang members Alex. It should be noted that Kubrick filmed is not the last Chapter of the novel «a Clockwork orange» where the main character is corrected, settles down and becomes common sense. Alex Kubrick and remains ill teenage girl who despite all that he did, still considered himself a victim.

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Another cult movie can be considered the tape «the Shining», the main role in which played wildly charismatic Jack Nicholson. Being a great adaptation of the novel by Stephen king the painting itself little more than full, more insane than the novel itself. Nicholson became a star, «the Shining» was a reference painting-horror film, which brings the calories better than Jogging, and each scene was repeated in a great many other horrors that as a tribute, as blatant plagiarism.

Was released in 1987 and became one of the most vivid pictures, convincingly show that the «War is bad». The film shows the cruel military training exercises from the point of view of the idea that any person with cruelty, even of the crazy «La Gomera Heap» , you can make a bloodthirsty killer. It is noteworthy also that the second half of the film took place in the city. Given the fact that most movies about the Vietnam war showed the war in the jungle and impenetrable thickets, «full Metal jacket» have won in their background that showed the war in residential neighborhoods. It is also the fact that more than half of the major battles with the Vietnamese marched on the territory of the cities.

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Stanley Kubrick died 7 March 1999 of a heart attack in my sleep, when four days had passed since the moment when I finished the installation of his last film «eyes wide shut». Buried behind his favorite tree in the estate Childwick Take that in Hertfordshire in England. In 2000, he was posthumously presented the award «person of the year». We can say that there is something.

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