Standing in red truselyah and beckon: why lingerie matters

manygoodtips.com_19.02.2014_lhE4a8eRNNzmF«What are you worried about underwear? you can ask. — Its all the same no one sees!» It is only from time to time, are you such a loser, undress only in solitude, turning off the lights and firmly closing the curtains? First, the underwear you see yourself, and faded truselya of the fray and eyes certainly will not be pleased. Second, the underwear you see women — and at the crucial decisive moment. Wrong, old and dirty linen can thoroughly ruin a case. That’s why panties are important.

1. Underwear better than you think

Fading are the days when men wore trousers with high waist — what about jeans? Now they are free to hang on the hips, revealing to the world the elastic band of your panties. In fact, your lingerie is much more visible than you might think. A bit of hands — and people will immediately see what you’ve got under your pants.

That is why you should wear briefs in a nice looking rubber band. By the way, sometimes just this omnipresent gum’s fault that the girl you were having a nice conversation at the bar, suddenly loses interest in you. Women pay attention to the little things, that little things can spoil your parade. Down with stretched and worn elastic bands, give a nice linen!

2. Linen gives the impression

If you care about how you look, surely you choose your clothes carefully and try to ensure it looks good on you. In this case, one should not neglect the underwear. Need to be elegant in everything: not only in outerwear, but also in the field of socks and underwear, of all this and the impression about you. Many guys spend hours choosing designer jeans and expensive shirt, and then go to the market and shamelessly buy the cheapest socks and underwear that they can find. I think, from beautiful underwear can not be distinguished from the bad? . Disregard for such trifles makes friends even more contempt than the stains on the shirt: slob at least not trying to deceive anyone and pretend that he is awesome. Dude in cheap socks wants it.

A strategically important point — when you meet a new girl. It is very important to produce a fine impression on her, so carefully choose panties. Lingerie incredibly increases your chances of success.

3. Beautiful lingerie — it’s convenient

Good assortment of colors is only half the business, it is important that you fit the size and shape. Carefully take these parameters and buy matching underwear — who knows why guys wedge themselves in excessively narrow pants? They are uncomfortable, impede blood circulation and adversely affect your little soldiers. Too loose underwear is also not our choice: they feel insecure, but you look like you wears them for big brother.

The best choice is a fabric with 5% spandex content. Nylon should beware: there sweating balls. The combination of cotton and spandex — is another matter.

4. Beautiful lingerie makes you more confident

When you’re wearing beautiful lingerie, even gait becomes stronger. Try to make everyday life happier — wear good quality underwear. At work many have a dress code, but you still have the opportunity to Express themselves through lingerie. When the shorts comfortably, you’re acting quite differently than when you are all presses and presses.

When you take off your pants and women like the fact that before it gets (of course, the first thing she sees underwear), you know that the purchase was worth the money spent. Good and suitable size briefs give you confidence and banish fear. No dividends will be forthcoming.

5. You never know at what point she will see your underwear

Sex sometimes happens at the most unexpected moment in the most unlikely place. All these incredible stories about hot stewardesses and airplane bathroom is a reality.

Your commitment to such cases depends on you. Imagine: you’re flying by plane, walk the dog — at any moment there can be a happy occasion. At least so you should wear clean and nice underwear: to be honest, you have no idea when you’ll have to take my pants off.

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