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manygoodtips.com_29.09.2014_JBGoflSmcbVTUSurely you ever heard of stand-up Comedy: at a concert, at home watching TV or at work in the performance of the debilitating boss. Anyway, this genre involves solely the speech of the comedian in front of an audience that is willing to listen to issues, thoughts and observations from life. In practice everything is much simpler: «your Board» man tells stories of home, not forgetting to joke. But stand-in, like any genre, has its own laws and quirks. And if you’ve been wanting to meet them, but didn’t know where to start, the editors sincerely hopes that this article will be the first call for decisive action.

Brief history: the genre of «Comedy» originated in Britain in the XIX century and in its original form was rather a kind of musical. Later, in the 70s, when theatrical censorship was the softer of stand-up Comedy is rapidly gaining momentum. In the future, the genre has become the main form of humorous solo performances, capturing the minds of many famous personalities. By the way, in America, one of the pioneers is considered a stand-mark TWAIN (Yes, that’s the genius that came up with Tom Sawyer).

Order.kom.ua_29.09.2014_rKUIdv952byv1Now, thanks to the development of television, radio and the Internet, everyone with a funny monologue can become rich and famous. For example, we would never know about the existence of comedic actor Zach Galifianakis from «the Hangover» if he hadn’t started out in a solo comic performances. And how here not to remember the mind-blowing stand-up Eddie Murphy’s «uncut» recorded on film and released in 1987, or George Carlin – it’s cynical and distinctive of Stendera. Yeah, maybe, many fans are intelligent and high will say that in this genre too much profanity, and taboo topics. But here’s the thing – stand-bold and stunning in so far as it is permitted.

The humor keeps pace with the times, and we have to admit that on some topics it is impossible to speak quietly and without a Mat. No, this does not mean that where a mate, always funny. Psevdogperitina show hosted in the basement of the dilapidated houses that drunk «comedians» come out and throw mud room, have nothing to do with stand-up. Let’s go back to the classic idea of humor in this genre – a minimum of scenery and pathos, high sense and humor. This particular atmosphere is relevant to this day. Millions of creative people around the world seek to gather full concert halls and show his unique comic skills. But here’s the catch: a lot of competition creates a sort of natural selection. If you’re really funny — the road is open. And it is very hard to work your way from and to, regularly to write a funny text, check it for various types of audiences and not to forget about self-development. In fact, sandpaper – not just the guy from the yard with a set of anecdotes, this true philosopher, is able to convey his thoughts clearly, succinctly and funny. – artist of the original genre, because his performance can be so funny, how he wants to. And even the most talented actors don’t always get to immerse in their fantasies of the sophisticated audience, to make believe what he says funny and interesting.

The history of the development of this popular genre is very specific when it comes about our country. The similarity of stand-originated in the Soviet Union, but again, a hard-monologues were canceled censorship, and the shortcomings of the text component filled in acting. It is impossible to overlook the contribution of humor monologues Gennady Khazanov, Arkady Raikin and Sergei Drobotenko (the latter rather made a negative contribution). Anyway, now on TV, you can watch many Comedy shows, which are standing in the classic format is an integral part. And it’s great – the Russian soul there is always something to talk about, to cry and to laugh.

manygoodtips.com_29.09.2014_9Irh7xKg9kzTsThere are several varieties of stand-holistic monologue, wanlin («one line» – a set of short jokes), improvisation or original approach (visual or musical Comedy). Each of them certainly has its advantages. But starting to engage in this difficult genre, you probably will feel closer to you and that it turns out better.

Before you go for the first time to go on stage in front of a live audience, you just have to be theoretically prepared. There are a lot of useful literature about how to write monologues that should say and what absolutely not. See performances of other comedians – young, old, foreign, domestic… it doesn’t matter! Most importantly, you will note some features of corporate identity and behaviour on stage. But don’t try to steal the jokes, man. Stand – up genre, which is very difficult to rip off someone’s joke, so it sounded like yours. The audience is always smarter than he feels when he is deceived. And, of course, doesn’t like that. It happens that the public is not ready to take you, literally screaming obscene things, to be ready. Humor – it’s intimate, sometimes it just does not fit a particular situation, one or the other of the hall.

manygoodtips.com_29.09.2014_1RXwEOgPYL8oiIt is impossible to become a high-class humorist from his very first appearance. Stand – up constant work on yourself. Start to test jokes on friends, gradually expanding and changing audience. Carefully analyze the reaction, mark the most successful moments of the performance and change what has failed to submit a funny. Experience is the key to success. The more you perform, the greater the likelihood of creative growth. But the feature doesn’t come only in order to speak for the record. Every time come to the microphone, you have to keep in mind the whole statement, which I am sure. The performance of the should you like, otherwise it is doomed to failure. And though not all the jokes will get the reaction that I would like to hear — at least you’ll know what to work on. Write down the speech on the video and feel free to communicate with the audience in an informal setting after the show. Ask yourself a certain level of humor and try to constantly improve. Discuss with other comedians some ideas and thoughts, to conduct a «debriefing», share experience. Only after multi-level editing of the kind you’re ready to shoot the TV and the spotlight.

Fame and popularity will not come immediately. Any real sandpaper will tell you that the first time you’re not getting even money for his humorous works. But work for the experience and will work for food – also work. It is quite possible that you’re the future of Russian and world Comedy scene, and you have a leggy blonde in a pink Cadillac. It all comes with time (like any business), so please be patience and nerves. Even if you are not destined to become a star on television, the experience will help in communication with people will give a lot of useful contacts and good memories.

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