Stan Lee — the father of the Hulk, spider-Man, and many more who


Strange thing, but many have no idea about the existence of the comics. A lot of people hate them unfairly. The reason for this unpleasant relation to the comics industry that people know about them only stereotypical facts. But not enough, in the comics, lacking only the stories about the interaction of different people in funny tights. Examples of such serious comic books that represent the story with pictures can serve the work of Frank Miller, Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore. And Stan Lee… it’s different.


Stan for many years, he, in fact, the mastodon. Born Stanley Martin Lieber on 28 December 1922. Then he thought that this name is a good alias to work in the rapidly developing at the comic book industry, but because he passionately wanted to become a real writer, I decided that my real name will leave for the serious work. It so happened that a serious work Stan steel comics.


His career in the entertainment industry dad of spider-Man started… at the age of 17. It was made by one small Desk, izgotavlivaem twill, different the sloppy seconds and comics, uncle. Stan worked before: writes the obituaries in the local newspaper, carried breakfasts and engaged in various fines. So in the future are used to carry the staff of a newspaper for Breakfast, to fill ink wash sketches and doing different odd jobs. But a smart guy noticed, and two years later he was entered in the «cloud» your own text in the comics about Captain America. By the way, the idea is to invent a bulletproof shield for the hero of a special material, too, came up to Stan.

Two years later, when the publication went all more or less prominent editors, illustrators, Stan did the head, but he stayed in this position for long, frankly, because it prizvali army to beat Hitler. War failed, the talent of the boy was seen, and here he was assigned to write scripts for short training films for soldiers. So the war Stanley had finished with the proud title of «playwright.» No, really, these words were written in the military classification. Cool, man, nothing to say.

But after the war, Stan suddenly realized that old comics with the old characters obsolete, he tried to change something, but he sucked at it, Stan could not grasp the spirit of the time. But his wife persuaded him to write another comic book, just in case, and then to go to write great prose about what Stan wanted. As the man was about to leave, he decided to make a comic that would have liked him. He gave his characters human characters, showed their weaknesses, made them not just superhuman, and people with unusual abilities. Strangely enough, these two concepts are completely different.

So there was Fantastic four. It was followed by the Hulk, Iron man, X-Men, Daredevil, Spider-Man and many different characters. They have all had their problems, disadvantages, benefits, they suffered from unrequited love, from a misunderstanding on the part of society. Unlike the perfect Superman, X-Men, for example, believe their power in some way deformity, which greatly inconvenienced them by requiring them to restrain themselves. «With great power comes great responsibility,» here are the rules of comics over the Wall.

Publisher Marvel Comics remains a trendsetter in the comics, the style, the characters and the story so far. It is estimated that the old man holds the Empire, which is estimated at four billion dollars. He still works so hard on their characters and plots. May they many may seem clichéd, but a huge amount of companies around the world loves comics and loves their heroes. And Stan Lee can be considered a wonderful example of a man who found himself in what at first did not like very much. Now removed all of the films on their comic book, glimpsed at comic-conventions, and starred in the popular series. Well done man, it’s that glory, which is particularly pleasant.

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