Spymaster Orcasub submarine for the price of 2 million green

submarine domashnyaya0938233971

Dude, the man who as a child reading Jules Verne or watched the «Underwater Odyssey» of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and have longed for in childhood a submarine. Now these people have a chance.

Double submarine can submerge in water to a depth of 700 meters. Pretty good, dude! The length of the submarine — 6.7 m and weighs 4 tonnes of Supply enough air for 80 hours, during this time, you will definitely get bored to be under water. In the presence of a spotlight with an impressive capacity of 60 000 lumens.

The company Spymaster has already started taking orders for their offspring Spymaster Orcasub. The price of the submarine, however, the bites, however, there are options and more expensive — for 9,5 million green, which is immersed to a depth of 2 kilometers.

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