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Fall, winter, and now spring. Each time of year needs a soundtrack, your songs, your mood for all occasions. Spring is a rebirth, hares change skins, friends change fur on jackets, and we are preparing a new tune.

1. Led Zeppelin – Battle of Evermore

The melody of this song was composed on a beautiful spring day when Jimmy page took up the mandolin, came out into the street and inadvertantly looking at the surroundings of the Welsh mansion, rented Zeppelins, made up a melody in just one sitting.

Despite the cheerful melody and fervent singing, it tells about some mythical war of light and dark forces. Something about king Arthur, since the said mystical avalon, the battle of Pelinovsky fields from «the Lord of the rings», because it refers to «secret signs, drawn in gold» and other such nuances. And, actually, what’s the difference if you remove the meaning, it turns out quite a nice country-folk song, with a light gentle heat of the spring sun, the young emerald leaves and a strange hallucinogenic effects.

2. David Bowie – Changes

Spring is always a change in the weather, in behavior, in attitude. Some every year in the spring to start a new life, I plan to exercise, to get rid of bad habits, to move, to find a partner for life. Then I remember that drink you can’t leave, because ahead of may holidays, sports once, women’s one evil, and the city in the spring is amazingly beautiful, and all the plans evaporate, but important is the message. Mr. Bowie sang about changes, easily, naturally, and as always, very wise. «I still don’t know what I expected, and my time quickly ran wildly…» is still the desire to start life anew. Spring is always updating, I want to change something, and Changes is a great song that never gets old. Well, how could you tire of a song where this amazing eclectic intelligent melodies, with absolutely shameless droning saxophones that come after the chorus. So follow the precepts Bowie produced immunity to «unnecessary tips and advice,» and «amazing face».

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Torture Me


Immediately add a little bit of Californian joy and reckless with a signature bass flea antiquity, and his cheerful pipe (few people knew, but he knows how to play the trumpet) and the guitar hysteria had not yet withdrawn from their inner demons John Frusciante. Someday we will gather the money for his treatment, but not today. Today we will hear this hymn of madness. People get crazy in the spring, move more, begins to fuss. Under this arrangement a lot more fun even in an accident. By the way, it is called «Torture me» – just about the weather, when the jacket is hot, and the jacket is cool.

4. Antonio Vivaldi – «the seasons. Spring»

Antonio Vivaldi must have felt that after 300 years, one glorious magazine will pick up the soundtracks to the seasons, and so wrote the immortal creation at all times. All four Baroque violin concertos, which are «seasons», a beautiful, but spring has a special solemnity sound and a certain restraint. Spring has come, the peasants out in the field, but not yet summer. Perfect song to start a spring day. All measured, in beauty, to get up in the morning, turn it on, just drink wine at a long dining table, and then go to the balcony and see how far your peasants. And then a disturbing violin solo in the middle of the track to abruptly Wake up in your apartment, realize that you’re standing naked on the balcony that overlooks the roadway, and to understand that be late for work.

By the way, in addition to the well-known first part, the «Spring» there is also a second minor portion (Largo) and third (Allegro) reserved merry.

5. The Doors – Waiting for the Sun

All winter waiting for him, waiting on that sun, waiting for when the air turns spicy and juicy scents of flowering trees, when the days get long and when finally it will be easy to breathe after a hard winter and come to life after hibernation. Jim Morrison, apparently, really wanted it, otherwise why he asked in the song: «do you Feel that Spring has come that it’s time to come alive under the scattered rays of the Sun?» Just like in Krasnodar, where spring has already started in the last 3 winter’s day. Perhaps Jim tired to spend the winter in the California sunshine, I wanted summer.

In fact it is one of the best songs in the collection,» even despite the fact that the album (named after this song) was panned by critics, but the viewer can not fool the audience appreciated.

And while some have already waited for the sun, the others were waiting. Expect a monotonous howl of the guitar Robbie Krieger and plaintive vocals of Morrison is much nicer.

6. U2 – Beautiful Day

Well what can I say, U2 are in Africa and U2. Of course, it’s a shame that this pop group is something referred to as a rock band, but nonetheless the quality of songs has not suffered from this, reputable declare. Specifically, in this attempt of the Irish to show the diversity of the world felt the spring spirit. Though in fact, except the words «the Heart is like a blooming sprout to break through the petrified land,» nothing here, because the song is about how we need to send everything to hell when it is very bad.

7. Mudvayne – Dig

We are often criticized for the lack of really heavy songs. They say, we chipset so deep, melodious songs. Well, catch. Severe as the Yakut winter, Mudvayne song about the plight of men. The song is called «Dig», which brings us to the spring garden works. Really man, very angry, furious, wants to punch the face, to tighten the noose, asks to bury it and generally experiencing extremely negative emotions in relation to individuals who are trying to encroach on his inner world.

In any case, resistant the bass is the name of Satan manes bassist Ryan Martini and screams sineglazovo Chad gray is fascinating, as the sound of the spring thaw. Or excite, as spring fever.

8. «End Of Movie» – «Spring»

Once long ago on TV showed the series «Soldiers» and «the end of the movie» remember. Then, after about 432 season, when even Shmatko did not survive, the series has covered. The group, of course, immediately forgot that, of course, unfair. While you try to recall the group and the series, talk about the song. It was written a long time ago, even before the series, and very loved by the musicians of the underground passages. Every second musician from the earth included it in their repertoire that any such groups symbolized success. Now the song suffered the fate of the group, did not order even karaoke. And in vain, because here is shown the syndrome season: Spring – time students and suicide, Spring dreams and smells invade the brain, Spring allergies and vitamin deficiency» and, of course, about love and other delights.

9. Shira Kammen – Downstream

Shira Kamen, perhaps one of the most talented musicians that live in this world. She does not seek virtuosity, not trying to impress everyone with his virtuoso playing, she writes beautiful, profound harmony, skillfully combines traditional motifs together and creates their fingers a miracle. This composition is somewhat similar to the «seasons», but with their special «inversions» and «twists». Just to match the name «Flow»: the smooth and slow, then rapid, and lively.

By the way, you could hear it when played in the bathroom.

10. Who not only sang, even V. L. Leshchenko «And the battle is going again»

Volodya Ulyanov’s Birthday in April, it is symbolic. Spring is youth, spring is youth, it is hope. And Joseph «FAK E» Kobzon, the son of David, as if speaking to all of us: «Hey, you, pioneer, Komsomol and factory worker «Red scum»! Please put all garbage! We will build communism by the year 2000!» And believe him.

But we hear this song performed by uncle Yossi, and in Egorkina. Because Egorka even better.

Bonus track Mikhail Krug – «Vladimirskiy Central»

«Spring came again, and the rays of heat trustingly look to mo-e OK-NGO. Again, pinch the chest and the soul will get sad. Memory will go with me,» said the great Russian poet nearly 20 years ago. How disturbing pain and truth in these words, because spring is not only a rescue from the icy fetters of winter, but the aggravation of the mentally ill, poets, lyrical shower. And in the words of the character of the cult film «Outrage,» you always want to run away. For all the lads who chalitsya who kicks the garbage and not against the police lawlessness is – this emotional song of all time. Anyone who was under the bunk, also not to hurt. Under Mike squarethese easier.

But seriously, still a strange song. It seems to be about longing in captivity, but still the lyrics and music is much deeper than most love songs. Perhaps that is why «Caspian shipping» want to turn off, and Misha Circle of trust, even though singing about the same thing.

Those who are already sick of the synth sounds in the introduction, strongly recommend to hear a cover of this song performed by the legendary bardarska and alcoholic Victor’s Belly. In his performance the song sounds as if johnny cash went to the prison and sang on a given subject.

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