Spota as follows sweated out in the gym. Now you’re sticky and smelly, but not rush to get upset and twist the muzzle of abominations. In fact sweating is not a bad thing, she’s probably even very good. We’ll tell you something, then you’ll be happy to go to the gym or for a run and do that soon much sweat.

1. Healing

Did you know that Pete helps to cure your wounds? Over the last few years more and more studies have been done on the topic eccrine sweat glands, which are millions in our skin. These glands are an important reservoir of adult stem cells that help in the healing process. Perhaps this will be the impetus to a deeper study of the sweat glands.


When you do and you sweat, you cleanse your body. You’re literally taking toxins out of your body through sweating. Mainly from the body excreted the excess salt, cholesterol and alcohol. So a good sweat is a good way to get rid of a hangover.

3. Antibiotic

Sweat is a good antibiotic. If your body has scratches, cuts, mosquito bites, then forward on the high bar! Sweat will cover damage like antibacterial ointment and save you.

4. Miracle cure

It turns out Pete will help prevent kidney stones. And the pain in this disease can not be compared even the pain that a woman experiences at child birth. Sweating during exercise causes the body to require more hydration, which in turn helps to cleanse the kidneys.

5. Happiness

Surprisingly, the sweat will make you smile. If you want to learn to laugh at the jokes your boss, first, you need to sweat. Intense exercise will definitely improve your mood. Your level of endorphins is unique and therefore you need to select the type of exercise that will get you to high.

6. Analgesic

Sweat not only stimulates the release of endorphins and improves your mood, it also is a natural analgesic. Who knew that the circle around the house or a couple of exercises will help reduce pain? So if your friend is complaining of a headache, he found her to do 10 push-UPS.

7. Goodbye pimples

Sweating is a great way to get rid of acne. You are no longer a student in the ripening period, but you still periodically visit these festering things. You can get rid of them faster if you heavily perspire. Best if you do without a shirt. It is impossible to drain the sweat is absorbed back into the skin. It needs to be rinse off with running water.

8. The temperature difference

You from childhood accustomed to such hardening. First bath at hellish temperatures, then under the snow. But if you’re not into that, you probably difficult to adapt to large variations in temperature. Regular exercise that will cause heavy sweating, help our body to regulate its temperature more easily in a modern environment.

We want to say that you shouldn’t be afraid of sweat, sometimes it can be useful. Well, not only in cases where you’re going with a new girlfriend on a romantic date.

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