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Talk about sports, man. You can regularly to deal with them, and can only train your fingers on the keyboard. But anyway, sport is our life, happened God knows how long, probably since antiquity, when they built all these Coliseum. You can frown upon the guys that have a brain instead of a dumbbell, or, conversely, those that spend all day in the company of chips, a sofa and a private fat folds. But there are people who capture any of the stars of the sports world. They can be anyone: boxers, footballers, hockey players or players of table tennis. Among these young men and women is full of personalities, stand out from the crowd. They show a superhuman achievement, bordering on marvel stories. It amazes and surprises.But except in the case of physical data? Or, perhaps, the point of the mutation, the medications that athletes are stuffed yourself for a year? We do not believe in this shit, because for us our sports heroes have always been ordinary people who found a way to go beyond their capabilities. And they were rewarded. Take, for example, the king of football Edson Arantes do Nascimento, who you know as Pele. For his country, Brazil, he is firmly established in the rank of demigods of this material world, the Hercules of our time. Every Brazilian kid wants to be like Pele. Even the hair of a football player are not in the trash, and production of diamonds. Or, for example, there is a poker player like Daniel Negreanu. If you love this card game, which is really close to the sport, you definitely know this guy. And he refers to poker as sports games, physical exercise was no exception.

In General, we want to tell you that sport psychology, which gives results great of this world can help you. Not only in sports (there is, of course, too), but also in life. Brains need to keep in shape and at times to test their strength. Still, he knows a professional athlete?

Know your endgame

The endgame is called the final stage of a chess game. In sports without the knowledge of their objectives and the ways will not go far. You must know your end result, to make it clear where to aim. With that knowledge, you can start preparing for most of the way. In fact, this is a very powerful tool for achieving specific results which are hard to ignore. The existence will be easier if you know the goal, and the goal, in turn, gives you the way, which can be called a full life. Knowing your endgame will help you not only in control of your day, but in the most everyday Affairs.

Learn and Refine

Self-education is fine, but professional athletes are, frankly, not pay attention to it. Behind them is the darkness of coaches who guide people, make him a person. And one of the most important qualities of any sports stars – the ability to learn, to understand and to ask again when it’s needed. Do not be ashamed to be stupid in some questions and to ask for help and advice. Teachers can be found in any field, even in the crackdown.

If you know that at some point your tactic has stopped working or not, will have to be flexible and to change it as well, as do the athletes. This approach to life is the best strategy to achieve any result. But we’re not sports stars, so self-education don’t forget.

Look for experts

There are two ways for career or personal growth. The first way is when you are on trails, which trampled himself. It’s hard, difficult, and time takes much more, because you get lost, not knowing where to go. The second way is easier: you use other trails. And it’s not bad, don’t think it is cheating. In fact this is an opportunity to learn from others ‘ mistakes rather than their own. Find people with confidence can be called experts, go to lectures, ask advice from the best in their field.

Any experience is useful

As old as the world, the truth. World athletes do not lament of defeat, they use them in order next time to win. The only way of Champions. A number of carefully analyzed lesions always turns into victory. Most athletes recognize that they learn more from defeat and not triumph. And not only in sports. Even in the war (often verbs Romans), creativity (any failure is an opportunity to revisit their ideas), and well, in life, of course. Every experience is important.

Winning attitude

And most importantly, prepare your mindset for winning the marathon. To be a champion, you need to be a confident guy. And confidence is the result of preparation and concentration. Many people sports pass special psychological training before you start serious competitions or exhausting training. In psychology there is even a whole section of sport psychology that studies all this. Many are engaged in banal yoga and meditation, others find their own unique solutions. In General, we know you can handle it better than we do.

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