SporKnife — spoon multifunctional


In the campaign and other places, for example at work, a full set of table tools is vital. Of course, the multitool is great, very convenient, but how much do you know of a multitool, which will be a vital tool like a spoon or a fork? What is, and no fork — disorder!

I also think that the disorder, and now for the office, camping trips, trips to the sea you have a special funny thing: SporKnife. In it you will find a spoon with a serrated edge, which can be used as a fork, knife and can opener for bottles and a special spring, which quickly vypustit out a spoon. «Always be ready to the cake,» said someone from our editorial staff about this spoon, and I agree with him. Special clamp to hang a tool belt or something. Stainless steel, high-quality work with the United States. The cost is $ 14. Weight — 150 grams.



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