Spontaneity: how to achieve it and why it is needed?

manygoodtips.com_14.03.2014_w2YWulV1eTbWVSpontaneity. It’s a word not often heard in recent times. Probably in a positive way you never heard, which is quite strange. Jung with Fromm skittle that the ability to be spontaneous is one of the signs of true identity. This word is used to describe the way to live life, being able to make decisions on pure whims, desires left heel and focus on some sixth sense. Of course, if you are reading this article, you may find that spontaneity is a bad thing, because it is not thought out. But everything is good in moderation and spontaneity just this thing.

The first few years of your life were filled with spontaneity, because you were doing what you wanted. This is a great property for children, which we, alas, lose with time. Of course, to live my life with a man who does what want and are not bound by any obligations, this is not what happens at all, and this is not something every person, no matter how hot it may sound.

Our lives are filled with responsibilities and a strict schedule. We ourselves are losing their freedom, sometimes even willingly, not realizing how much value we give to someone. Duty, obligation and some mental limitations bind us hand and foot. We can’t find a place in life and don’t understand what is wrong with us. Actually, from serious mental health problems in the future, you will save making your life a little spontaneity, which will help you to go beyond and feel a little alive. The necessity of spontaneity due to the fact that good we don’t want to plan and execute some instructions. Even if we for the order with both hands. Something inside us wants to do his own thing, where to go and just lie in the sun, exposing the belly of the sky. Spontaneity — the ability to let off steam and keep himself under control. But, like all good things, it needs to be in place at the time.

How to achieve spontaneity? Simple and very non-obvious ways to buy this ultimate skill read below here right now.

1. Turn off your phone for 24 hours a day

Feel the break-up? Be patient, dude. Not going to say that smartphones and tablets — the enemies of humanity. In our weakness we blame ourselves. Off smartphone and the abandonment of the desire to use the phone is a great way to switch to something else. But first, of course, be bored. If you go to the gym, don’t bring a phone. If anything, call me.

2. Visit people who have not seen

Of course, if you with them and it’s not your ex. So you switch to other people, make it nice. Also you have a choice to whom to pass on the weekends to drink beer.

3. If you never went anywhere with colleagues, call them today at least for coffee

Assuming of course that you have a good relationship with them. Or, for example, no. Otherwise, they will twist your excessive spontaneity to his temple.

4. Came to eat? Order what you never ate

Unfortunately, in General we are very conservative. Especially in the matter of what to eat. One man, a good friend of mine in real life and our regular reader (hi friend!), for example, in principle, can not try something else other than what used. Beer caramel, pancakes with ham and cheese, pizza with chicken and mushrooms, cake Esterhazy. Always the same. Something new dude tries extremely rare. It’s a very strange trait to me, considering that I personally love trying new things constantly, even though I have a large list of favorite foods. How else would I know that there’s something delicious? Such a trivial practice will remove your limits and show you what to improvise and make different decisions — this is normal.

5. Walk without a purpose

Not to go to cafes, not to go home, not go somewhere and just wander around without purpose. A good friend Vova somehow organized a very interesting topic, which he called «Night drift». The essence of this phenomenon is that you’re going with a group of friends, walking down the street stop at the intersection and one fellow pokes in an arbitrary direction. And there you go. Get to the next turn and then chooses someone else. Fun and funny to hang out a sort of Makar in the city. But if you’re single, I suggest you also to explore the city and walk around. Most importantly to gopotu not to run, it spoils all the romance.

6. Sit down for an unknown bus and go to the unknown area

Like say some dude is a great way to see a new city. I do not agree with this statement. Personally, I have tried to explore Peter and was in a very sad place with a thousand garages, in which you can shoot horror. I got out of the way, with difficulty, because the phone was discharged.

But if the city you are almost a native (or at least you know where you go 20 minibuses with different numbers), such a method for the development of spontaneity is very, very good. You can view the city from the window of the bus, read a book and see that the city where you live, there is such a ass and such cool places. With a few such trips, I realized that I know where in my town is what you did not know.

7. Go to a movie unknown film about which you know nothing

Big chance that the movie will be not very, but you’ll get new impressions. But still focus on at least the poster, otherwise the only money you will spend.

8. Go to the new location

Saw an interesting sign to any restaurant, bar or café? Why there not to go. If will be very expensive, there is nothing stopping just to get out and go to another interesting place.

9. Put on something meaningless

Unfortunately, the majority living in the world are terribly afraid to be funny. This is a fairly irrational fear, which poisons the well for us, and making things worse. After all, if you think that’ll make these strangers? Show the finger? Blimey, that’s scary. If you’re not a student, fear of something original and new in clothing silly, like the fear of looking stupid. A great option to combat this fear is to put on a funny hat and buy yourself a butterfly. So you will quickly realize that you’re not, maybe a couple stupid homeopathic thugs will show the finger at you and everything.

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