Splurging on the holidays — tips seasoned rogue

The holiday always hurts, especially a holiday which is celebrated by all. Now is the time to consider how to avoid the great depression of the local scales and to balance their costs. How not to spend every penny on this New year?

1. Stop eating in catering establishments

At least briefly stop eating in canteens and take a lunch with you to work. At the same time to prepare something healthy — you also benefit. This helps save quite a lot — maybe a week even enough to someone for a gift. Or papodaca.

2. To do something with their hands

Photo frame — shitty gift. Frame made with your own hands, touching gift for a friend. Very often hand made is synonymous with sludge, but not always. Even if you have agreed not to give each other anything, still this arrangement as a rule is broken — for such cases, and there is a handmade gift.

3. To give without shame and conscience

Boss gave you a bottle of expensive champagne, which you won’t because you already missing her? Peredri it with someone. At the same time and save. Even if you think you came up with a good and inexpensive gifts for everyone, you can be sure that anyway in total you get a solid amount. The person who expects you to be anything special but needs to get a gift, suited for something like that.

4. Discuss the range of costs

It is better to discuss this point with your loved ones which you normally use for gifts. Seriously, the Pope probably don’t need another sweater. We can all make a collective gift, going to a ski resort. A girl also need to agree on everything in advance: suddenly it all this time collecting for a new iPhone, and you decided to get a set of tea-coffee? It is necessary that the gifts were roughly equivalent to each other in value.

5. Use all your bonuses

If you have cards in stores where you shopped often, probably they accumulate some bonuses. Appliances, computer stores, even supermarkets — all of this will stand you in good stead.

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