Sphero Robotic Ball — amazing robot ball, the exact purpose of which is not clear


Dude, games are complicated, changing and focusing more on use with smartphones, tablets and various other pieces.

The hero of our today’s issue is a very interesting gadget, which is a balloon with a bunch of sensors, cameras ,LEDs and sensors inside. We can say that he has some semblance of reason.

You buy this device, install the app on Android or Apple and… having a good time. The ball is able to change color in accordance with the mood of his master, is able just to change the color and… roll on the floor. There are many different apps that will show such a simple procedure, like rolling on the floor, with a new, unexpected direction. For example, Golf, use your phone as a stick and would hit the ball. For those who have played the Nintendo game Wi it is not new.

Some programs will help you to get the ball to «escape» from you to remove your dog when you play with her, roll on drawn on your tablet or smartphone line and do many things.

This kit includes the ball, user manual and induction charging. The kit costs $ 130.

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