Spend the night at the hotel of horror!

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Lately people do not need so much the comfort of the familiar and comfort, they need something original, funny and… terrible! Now there are disgusting hotels where European bro and friends come in the spirit of a typical Russian hotel service, where the bed with the diaper Laundry, and the toilets frankly dumb. And yet there are huge cockroaches. Europeans piss boiling water with joy and overpaid for these dubious entertainment, which in our country even eat ass.

But the hotel is cool, because the guest is firmly felt what it means to be a hero teenage horror film about hotels and maniacs. Well, the heroes of «the Shining» or «Psycho», if you are very lucky.

In North London there is an interesting hotel Camden Lock, where you can enjoy all the joys of nevirapine and depression. It is believed that this hotel is nothing like advertising a new film with Nicholas Coster-Waldau, who us known for her role as Jamie Lannister from «Game of thrones». During 4 days volunteers will suffer from intolerable noises at night, bad Breakfast and other problems, which will at this hotel in abundance.

The organizer of this dubious entertainment, a psychotherapist by the name of Gary Eye, believes that such an institution will help clients to escape from most psychological problems and phobias.

Oh, man, I doubt that such a horror was able to cure phobias.

Well, at least the bath is, and it pleases!Well, at least the bath is, and it pleases!

What the hotel would be without bones?What the hotel would be without bones?

Welcoming placeWelcoming place

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