Spend the night at a friend’s and not to spoil relations with him

Once in a lifetime, you need to ask for help. Or you will ask someone to throw you a hundred for the balance, or ask a friend for help moving, or ask colleagues to recommend you a good dentist — it happens with all sometimes. We’re just people.

Sometimes you need to crash at someone. Maybe this weekend, or will you move to another city, and you need shelter for the first time. You invade someone else’s personal space, in someone else’s house, for your friends, among other things, pay. You have to respect their rules and be a nice guy, because we all already have grown considerably.



Ask the person who took you under his roof, how much it rises, and get up a little earlier. It is not too difficult, because to sleep on the floor for more than six hours is almost impossible. If you offer to sleep on the bed, boldly take hold of that mushy stuff. Friends do it just out of politeness. If you sleep in the guest room, keep it clean and removed. It is not necessary everywhere throw clothes, labeling someone else’s territory.



And again: ask a friend what time he usually washes his face and takes a shower, to go ahead of him and to do all his work before the man would begin to strain, he could not get into my own shower. Don’t expect that you will constantly change towels: you’re not in a hotel. And if you went to at least sleep after a match, the smell became slightly less awful.



You, of course, will assure that the refrigerator can take anything. Any good host will do so. However, this does not mean that you have to absorb everything that opens your eyes. Don’t take artificial food type yogurt and cupcakes, not finish last and don’t eat honey. It’s gonna suck if my friend is coming home from work tired and hoping to eat the same chicken coop that he loves all your soul, and you’ve already eaten.



Proceed with caution.

How long to stay

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In any case, not longer than a week. After a few days you’ll have to be a bold obstacle. If you moved to a new city and looking for an apartment, the period is extended to two to three weeks. There is no meaning for so long to stay where you don’t pay the rent. Already find an apartment or get to the hostel, just a mumbler.

Show that you appreciate the hospitality


Alcohol or Goodies. A lot of good alcohol. I would advise good whiskey, good-quality liquor or millionie good beer. If one does not drink, then I can only come up with a giant basket of fruits or cakes. Don’t need a monstrous interior, that would be appreciated.

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