Speed blocks: when an ordinary Rubik’s cube is too simple

Everyone in my childhood was the Rubik’s cube. This thing is perfectly developed brains and made you really angry child, if you collect it, did not work. But when you still managed to bring all the parties, remember it is the feeling repelled the Mongol-Tatar invasion alone but still managed to fly to the moon. Victory in one word.

And we think that the time to return to this entertainment. After all, what else can you do in free time? Some books and movies will not be full. But if every day to hang out with friends, and the liver will fall off. In addition, the collection of «cube-cube» is a wonderful opportunity to be distracted from the urgent problems, all kinds of domestics. Everything begins to seem very clear. Here you have the task – to make each side the same color – and most of you do not need. Some of the pros and zero cons.

All well and good, but since the last time you were holding the Rubik cube, progress has gone far ahead. Among the dudes began to regularly held tournaments spidkubing (speed build), there are so many new forms, although the classic is 3ґ3ґ3 cell is still in Vogue and popular. Rubik’s cubes have become so diverse that some of the guys were just to collect and enjoy only one view of the cube. Some see in them the meaning of life. But we just like to collect them. And to keep track of all those cubic boom, and also help to determine what cube suits you, we compiled this list.


And we start with the real classics – the usual cube, which was invented by Hungarian sculptor Erno Rubik in 1974. Each face of the cube is painted in a certain color, he has the structure and is 3ґ3ґ3 cell, given some modifications, is still used in high-speed cubine. And the modifications are that for the high-speed cubing the Rubik’s cube must be a certain internal structure. For example, in the Championships spidkubing used cubes, constructed of quality plastic and have the screws that are used to tension the sides. The screws are under the caps on the Central elements. Themselves «speedcube» is much easier spinning and allow you to rotate the face in nedirnuti lateral faces. In General, if you don’t need it, you can take a normal cube, but we recommend the cube to spidkubing, because it is much more interesting.


And here a logical question arises: what to take? When you look in online stores, that the eyes diverge. There are plenty of options, but not every option will be able to satisfy your thirst for victory. Puzzle is a very individual thing and depends on your time. There are cubes, which are difficult to collect, even after the Assembly all day, and there are those that are easily assembled in a few minutes. However, it is unlikely you will beat the current record for spidkubing. Colin Barnes in this year 2015, gathered the cube size is 3ґ3ґ3 cell for 5.25 seconds. However, we are confident that someday this phenomenal record will be beaten. Maybe this dude will be you, who knows?

Cube Sudoku

One of the maddest variations of the Rubik’s cube is, of course, a mixture of Sudoku. You need to not only collect, but to do so, as is customary in a traditional Japanese game. First, the mixture seems quite complicated, but then you begin to realize that it’s not as scary as it seemed when we first met. In fact, this Sudoku in volume. And still a variant of such a cube is pleasant and useful for your brain. manygoodtips.com uniquely for him.

Mirror cube

However, the cube Sudoku epic does not compare with the epic mirror cubewhose sides are all of the same color. He mirrored cube has a recent history, but he came to taste to many speedcubers for their uniqueness and complexity. To collect it is problematic, on each side of the mirror cube got rectangles of different sizes, and in the disassembled kind it is similar to a nuclear war, or conglomeration of parallelepipeds of different sizes. Will have poraskinut brains to put all these boxes back.

Although an avid «Cubists» I advise you to just ignore the volume of the disassembled mirror cube, because, despite its form, the cube is subject to the same laws as regular «Rubik’s cube». In General, be sure to collection.

Glowing cube

Among the «cubomania» this is called Glowing Cube. And it is created in order to collect the cube in the pitch dark. Very comfortable topic, especially if your friend does not approve of your hobby and prohibited to do spidkubing. Forms are different, but one thing unites them – the glow in the dark. Such a cube in most cases will not add any difficulty to the collection, but it will make the process is something sacred, because night always provides any business a special charm. Otherwise, no one ate at night and not spent repair work. Speedcuber, in the opinion of our editorial staff, should not be deprived of this opportunity.

Cuboid 4h4h6

In case, if you’re a guy who likes complexity, because this brick you will give them in full. It weighs a quarter pounds, and looks like it can destroy your brain. Made it up some designer named TomZ. In General, this cube is fun for ordinary people. You will either go crazy or feel king of the world.

The design is quite complex, but, as a rule, do these cubes efficiently. You can cut corners, but you can still wonder that when scrolling, except that the cube is non-standard, you have to think about what parities (bar when the cube can be collected only using special algorithms) are waiting for you on every corner.

Pyramid cube

For fans of pyramidal man was created pyramidal cube don’t think if he’s only got three sides, then it is much easier to collect. It has a special complexity. Although who are we kidding? In fact, a pyramid, a cube or as it is called, pyramid Meffert to collect much easier. The number of build configurations, in contrast to the usual Cuba is less than in 81 times. And the world record for high-speed Assembly pyramidal cube equal to 1.36 seconds. In General, this configuration is great for those who does not differ special patience and doesn’t want to think much. Maybe even too easy, but there are always modified versions that are able to blow your mind.


If you didn’t kill all previous instances, it’s time to try something heavier. Puzzle Megamix – this is a really big thing in the shape of a dodecahedron (a polyhedron with 12 pentagons). Megamix created for maniacs of the world spidkubing. The world record for the Assembly of this monster belongs Westland Simon. Then he did it to make for of 42.28 seconds. Some specimens weighing a kilogram or even two. If you’re self-confident dude or crazy, this thing is definitely for you.

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