Specific way to communicate more with the former


We wrote many times about that with the former is not necessary to communicate. Somehow, it frankly does not work, man, practice. They should be removed from friends in social networks and to avoid. But this woman surpassed absolutely everyone I know. To get or not to get her a Darwin award? I don’t know. You must have heard this story, but we should write because it’s almost in our nature.

26-year-old girl from England named TORZ Reynolds learned that her boyfriend, with whom she has two years cheating on her. The girl was unable to survive, and banal parting was definitely not for her: bored for girls with so many bodmoda, boring!

TORZ is cut off the tattoo with the inscription «Chopper»s Bitch» («Bitch Chopper») with a scalpel with the skin and… sent to her ex-boyfriend, 24-year-old Stewart may named Chopper. Radical, Yes! By the way, why bother to do such a tattoo?

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