Speakers 2.1 Thonet & Vander Ratsel

manygoodtips.com_6.10.2014_WnWN6sm7oI6hyThe speakers are Thonet & Vander is a nuclear combination of German quality and magnificent sound. A powerful and thoughtful subwoofer pleasing and an excellent level of bass and undistorted high volume that will make listening to music even more enjoyable.

Amplifier and controls are placed in a separate unit that you can place on the table and adjusting the volume and tone.

On the back of the unit are two stereo line input-RCA to connect PC and any other sound sources. Over the bass reflex port at the rear provided the power amplifier 2 satellites to the 18 watt and 30 watt subwoofer.

Using the wireless remote control you can select a source and adjust the required parameters.


  • the background level is low, irrespective of the position of regulators;
  • three analog inputs, one on the front panel of the amplifier;
  • the absence of spurious overtones with adjustments and switching;
  • the method of connecting the cables connecting the speakers to the amplifier, will allow you to use other cables.


  • the noise level is noticeable, depends weakly on the position of regulators;
  • not loud, but noticeable in a quiet room it clicks when entering and exiting the Standby mode;
  • the low sensitivity of the remote sensor;
  • combined with the volume control switch inputs are triggered is unclear, and the Mute button on the amplifier panel does not work at all (perhaps it is the properties of a particular sample);


  • 2.1 computer speakers;
  • the total power of 66 W;
  • two-way speakers;
  • in the case of speakers — MDF;
  • the case of subwoofer MDF;
  • frequency range: 30-20000 Hz;
  • headphone Jack.

The average price — 4000 RUB.

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