Spartan example of real bravery and courage

Once, in the distant ancient times, the strongest States were Athens and Sparta. Two of the policy, who were constantly at war with each other. And these wars were terrible and destructive. Each Polis had its own doctrine, your way: Athens was known for courage, and Sparta — bravery.Before the battle of Cape Noti Spartan Admiral Lysander turned to his troops with a rousing speech. In it, he outlined the differences between Athens and Sparta and explain why the harsh Spartan way of life is superior to the hedonistic Athens and why, in the end, he will rule.

«We, the Spartans and Peloponnese, have courage. Our enemies have the courage.»

Here is a deep divide. For the Greeks, courage was a prerequisite of being a Mature person. Courage was rather boyish feature.

«A brave man is haughty, arrogant, ambitious,» — said Lysander. — «A brave man — a quiet, God-fearing, morally sustainable».

A similar dichotomy between courage and courage can sometimes be useful even for an adult. Even Mature courageous man sometimes it doesn’t hurt to make a really reckless thing to do. But brave people just need to be brave. Courage is the ultimate benefactor of men. Let it confirm not only the victory of Sparta, but also our facts.

Courage, impatient and fickle; courage — resistant and durable

Courage is patience. Courage is patience. Courage is not experiencing hardship or delay, is a predator that must eat to win, otherwise he will die. Courage grows from the earth and draws its strength from the divine.The Athenians dominated the sea due to its bold tactics, unexpected attacks, and quick, sudden fights. The Spartans basically waged war on earth and was prepared for long hikes and prolonged fighting. The Athenians were much more comfortable when the battle was under their dictation in comfortable circumstances, while the Spartans are used to adapt to the situation. This difference in military strategies affected the thinking and morality: used to take cunning, the Athenians could not withstand a long battle, unlike the Spartans.

All of this is very similar to a situation where passionate young people open their own business. At first everything seems simple, easy and no obligation. It seems that enough time and effort. But with time comes the understanding that business is not a toy, and not all so simple. But after the first failures of buzz and interest runs out completely. It turns out that the guys have the courage to start, but no courage to finish. When the hot sun of difficulties and doubts raised over the project, the motivation evaporates. Don’t have the patience to stick with something. They greedily feed on novelty and short-term success but have not yet learned to maintain their existence through the consistent steady progress.

Quick and clever tactical maneuvers could certainly be the key to victory. But winning, regardless of tactics, ultimately depends on how you have enough courage to overcome all adversities.

Courage is impulsive and reckless; courage — the approach from the point of view of the mind

Courage is born from obedience. It’s a question of unselfishness, of brotherhood, of love and freedom… that’s why we train. Vaccinate in practice, solidarity, courage and confidence in our friends and our commanders.Before the battle of Notii, Alcibiades, commander of the Athenian army, tried to lure the emerging fleet of Sparta in the battle. Spartan warriors, seemingly seduced by the bait of your enemy. Their morale was high, their discipline and confidence was high, and they felt ready to engage in open battle. Many have been waiting for an open battle, but Lysander explained to them that patience is born of courage, is necessary in order to win. Lysander saw that the Athenian army was stronger than the Spartan, and open combat did not guarantee victory. In that time, strict control was the highest grace for the Spartan General.

The great Aristotle believed that courage is midway between recklessness and cowardice. Cowardly people overestimate risk, resulting in steadily delays the start of the event. He understands that he needs to prepare, to learn, to study theory. A reckless person underestimates the difficulties he will have to face and thoughtlessly and impulsively rushes into things. As a consequence, the lack of necessary skills, and subsequently confidence, I had to complete collapse.

The courageous person avoids these extremes. He knows that there is a time for courage and a time for restraint. It hones the skills and confidence needed to fight, but also understands that sometimes you need to think very carefully. He never rushes into battle with hysterical brutalized, he carefully builds tactics.

Spartan warriors never rushed on the enemy with the rage of a Berserker. For them, emotions were established a sort of defeat, so in battle they walked with a calm determination, confidence and well prepared.

The price of courage

A brave man wish someone else, disingenuous and scheming. A brave man satisfied with his destiny; he believes that bestowed upon him by the gods.The greatness of the Athenians was necessary for them to expand their own Empire. To Fund generous public projects and to maintain large fleet, the Athenians needed to control as many cities and countries as possible. These conquered peoples were obliged to send to Athens a yearly tribute, otherwise he was punished.

Only such a thirst for power and influence from time to time put them in a difficult position. To support the Empire, to increase its territory. But often this way of life is as harmful to the life of the state, as a cancer to the body.

The Spartans, meanwhile, were content with their small city-state, which even by ancient standards, was more like a village. Their lifestyle was simple and very modest. They have been craving for luxury, they did not build an Empire, so they did not have to frantically search for funds for the maintenance of the state. They possessed a rare gift — time could say the word «Enough!». Many historians believe that the durability of their democratic Republican government, which lasted at least 580 years, is related to this.

And we are always looking for prestige, money and power from her lust mouth. The only problem is, the more wealth consume — the less it satisfies you. But for the sake of cherished values and many are willing to neglect some morals. Such is the reality of marketing life.

Courage begets pride. Courage begets humility

Our shortcomings can be overcome with practice and self-discipline.The Greeks primarily thought of courage from the point of view of military prowess. In peacetime it was a quality that could stimulate a person to moral and physical perfection that he was able to become not just a disciplined killing machine, and morally to approach such a difficult thing as likely to die on the battlefield. So the famous Spartan courage were not in the battles, and, so to speak, on home schooling. From the age of 7 Spartan boys were given military training, the essence of which was the maximum deprivation. They lived from hand to mouth, he wore winter and summer tunics, constantly astrobasis in martial arts, and, as Plutarch wrote: «were the only people in the world, to whom war brought a respite in the training for war.»

The Spartans knew that victory produced not only by weapons, but by nature. Aristotle argued that masculinity «is held on the orders of mind about what he should or should not be afraid, in spite of pleasure and pain.» In addition, courage is also the ability to delay gratification indefinitely, if required by the business.

There are some men who behave brazenly, not boldly, who consider themselves special and believe that success comes from innate talent, not effort, and thorough work. They want success without sacrifice, which in General, is understandable, but unrealistic. I want the harvest, not sowing the fields, of pleasures not of merit, but just. They do everything just so. Well, that life constantly gives them generous zvezdas backhand, and some even then begin to understand what is behind the success.

Courage looking for fame, looking for courage of honor

The bold man seeks to divide; he needs comrades in order to enable them to Rob. A brave man needs the shoulders of one because thinks and sees itself as part of society.At the age of 20 years, after ten years of training, the Spartan citizen is qualified for military service. At this point he joined the group of friends of 15 men. Every day they had to meet at a round table and share a meal for a society. When men who share the bread, they simultaneously learned to rely on each other, and thus formed a connection, support, solidarity, able to help on the battlefield.

Among the adult population was also dominated by the brotherhood and equality, all were standing up for each other. But on the battlefield these companies due to long-term almost living together acted as a single unit. Each was confident in his sister, and fought so selflessly, knowing that the choice is limited: or to fight side by side with comrades, or shamefully to run away and be branded forever.

Honor and support their fellow Spartans valued above all else. Personal ambitions — it was not for them. Many leaders would do well to look at the Spartan way, as a team they put up as their own. Do not know how people work in teams all the time and not just at the mean. However, they are only slightly worse than those during the team work, only thinks about their own benefit, thereby completely destabilizirovat seemingly streamlined workflow.

Courage is blasphemy; courage is good

The courage to dare to challenge the heavens. Courage, on the contrary, sends from heaven to fulfill the will of the Gods.For the ancient Greeks, hubris — outrageous overblown pride was the greatest sin. Arrogance is a challenge the Olympic gods. Therefore, the violence is hidden in the temples of the population and further devastation is nothing short of arrogance.

It is important to respect the boundaries. Here the Athenians are not adhered to and in a fit of rage cut down all the statues of Hermes in his Syracuse Church. And Hermes was a pretty devious and vengeful God, who did not like the images. The Spartans once again the fate of not anger and do not forget to thank the deities after each successful event. And the point here is not piety: believe it or not — your private affair. The fact that you don’t need to show your arrogance, especially in relation to any socially significant things. It’s like in the case of vegans and atheists, who from all corners shouting about their disagreement and protest, accompanying the barking derogatory insults.

Courage rescues from personal decadence

Many years later, when the descendants of the cursed ancient civilization personalities began to build a democratic society, for some reason most of them chose not courageous Sparta, Athens and bold. Apparently, because of cultural heritage and ambition of the Athenians is more in keeping with capitalist dreams.

Now policies are not gone, but not gone anywhere courage. You just have to remember what it is. The courage to decide to stay home and do chores when your friends are going to hang out; courage is chicken breast and broccoli when you really want a big Mac; the courage to invest money in the business and securities, rather than buying cars and luxury items. And, unlike courage, courage — a much more fundamental phenomenon.

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