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Champions of Russia will start in the continental tournament only today. Zenit begins the Champions League tournament, for the success in which pitertsy have put inconceivable amounts for Hulk and Witsel, in the Andalusian city of Malaga meeting with the same team that was in financial difficulty, but started the new season. So turn on the TV tonight TV and support our bro).

«Malaga» – «Zenit». Malaga. «La Rosaleda». September 18, 22.45, NTV

Referee: Mark Clattenburg (England)

On Friday «Zenith» met with the current leader of the championship «Terek», and also presented beginners. Bad game blue-white-blue gave a reason for ridicule, trolling Petrograd fans of other teams. But, of course, any conclusions to do. So, the debut of these guys are not the best, but it would be foolish to expect them to extravaganza. Maybe in the championship of Qatar Hulk and I had a hat-trick in the first match, but we have a League strong enough.

Moreover, were opposed by «Zenith» the current leader of the championship, the club that plays very well and is compact. But now the question of «Terek» will not keep. Another factor that influenced the game blue-white-blue – game teams, after which Zenit always plays hard. It was evident that the players are not as well-moved as they did not work fast combinational game. Well, now the St. Petersburg group play obviously not at the limit of their possibilities. Wards of Spalletti was in great shape when I was taking out «Spartak» and CSKA, but the whole season so to not play. I would very much like to autumn «Zenith» has hit a new peak.

Wait and successful integration into the game pitertsev expensive beginners. Now «Zenith» in a position that has no right to leave the group. Over huge costs of Petrograd and so laughs the whole of Europe and not exit from the group when such purchases would be a shame for the whole continent. All European Newspapers will laugh at the «Fools with money», as it has been dubbed Nevsky club in Portugal. So this year we already have the right to demand from «Zenith» out of the group and, depending on the draw and pass on. It is not exit in the playoffs has been bought Hulk and Witsel.

The latter did not go to Spain due to injury the back of the thigh. Damage in early is the worst thing that can happen to a beginner. Also remained in Russia Semak, Miguel Danny, Alexander Kerzhakov, has celebrated his 27th birthday, and criscito. The loss of Domenico is especially pronounced. Hulk probably will start. It seems to me that it is quite heavy. Maybe here, of course, the flight from Brazil was affected, but it seems to me, pumped Brazilian.

Apparently, on the left side will play Lukovic. About Yanbaeva the situation is not very clear. You say that like the day before the first match in the Champions League, the club may allow one more player, so David can play. Confirmation of this information I found, but then why bring him to Malaga? I specifically watched the video with a workout of «Zenit» and Miguel Danny there was. Took just a «tourist»? However, it is also necessary to train with the team.

Now let’s talk about the opponents of «Zenit». With the purchase of Malaga, the Qatari sheikhs have hope that Spain will emerge the «third force». Small (by the standards of man city and PSG) of the investments was enough to bring a former outsider in the Champions League. But unlike Mansour, Abdullah bin Nasser al Thani quickly tired of this toy, he decided to stop to Fund it. However, it was later reported that the club will not be sold, but the money will be less.

In the summer from Malaga pulled a whole column of players: Santi Cazorla, Solomon Rondon, Enzo Maresca, Joris Mathijsen, retired Ruud van Nistelrooy. But some of the players ventured to pursue a career in this dysfunctional from a financial point of view of club Javier Saviola, Roque Santa Cruz, Oguchi Onyewu. Of course, Cazorla these guys replace will not work. But the start of the season showed that not everything is bad in this team.

Very nice work Manuel Pellegrini. The former coach of Villarreal led his team to the Champions League semi-final 06/07, losing in the 1/16 finals himself, winning us the UEFA Cup, «Zenit». When the team is bad with money, delayed wages, the coach is having a hard time. But Pellegrini keep the normal situation in the team.

10 points in 4 matches and 2nd place in the championship – a great result, let rivals «anchovies» was not very serious. In the Champions League qualification they confidently passed Panathinaikos. «Malaga» will debut in the most prestigious club tournament of the Old world. She didn’t achieve anything big in European competition – the UEFA Intertoto Cup 2002 1/4 finals of the UEFA Cup in the same season.

The most vulnerable place «Malaga» is the area of the Central defenders, where he played for Wellington and is able to naudit in any situation Demichelis. Against Zenit won’t be able to go out jérémy Toulalan is the most important player of the midfield, very good nose. So most likely in this area appears Camacho and Duda, though the latter is not a reference.

The main star of Andalusia can be called ISCO is a bright and talented attacking midfielder, it is to be feared in the first place, Igor Denisov need to «pull the plug» on this guy. In the attack a little Saviola, although maybe we will see a healthy Santa Cruz. The edges will play a quick Joaquin and Eliseu, and under them a reliable jesús gámez and Montreal.

Really want to start this season with an away victory, especially in Spain, where «Zenith» has lost all 4 matches (against Spanish clubs, as they held 10 meetings, won twice and 5 times inferior). Never under Spalletti Zenit have not won in the Champions League on the road. But I think a draw will also be a normal result. I think that both teams will not sit in the defense. «Malaga» will not make the podium.

Zenit will have a difficult and important match. As you know, financial problems «anchovies» should not pay much attention to the collapse of the team to the ground did not happen, with the composition and the atmosphere in the team all right. Perhaps, málaga will be the main rival of Zenit in the group. It is assume that these teams will enter the playoffs, «Milan» now is depressing. Good luck to Zenit in the Champions League! Now, after such purchases, the group is required, preferably from the first place, and this requires a successful start!

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