Spanish Breakfast tortilla and bocadillos

Your every day similar to yesterday? Tired of the routine and banality? Us too! So let’s try to disperse the laziness and make your day a little bit similar to the previous one. Even if you love the Breakfast has scrambled eggs or cereal, still try at least sometimes to change your diet to something is not quite normal. Especially ahead of the weekend, and you can spend the time to cook Breakfast. Let’s look at the recipe book, for example… of Spanish and prepare Spanish Breakfast.


By.kom.ua_2.04.2015_yaOjBGKOHVM1kLet’s start with the tortilla. Spanish tortilla (not to be confused with the Mexican tortilla!) can be called a kind of potato omelet. Simplicity and a minimal set of ingredients – a true companion recipes so you need to take:

1) eggs – 4 PCs.;

2) potatoes – 2 PCs.;

3) onions – 1 PC.;

4) oil for frying – olive;

5) salt.

That’s it! Maybe you didn’t even have to run to the store. It’s time to cook. To start, cut the potatoes in large pieces and put in a pan, obzhivatjsya. While preparing potatoes, not very coarsely slice the onion, toss it to the potatoes and mix in parallel with eggs until smooth in some deep dish. Once the potatoes are browned and onions become soft (best to add salt at the beginning of the frying, so it was juicier), gently pour into the pan the eggs, evenly distributing them throughout the dish, and cover with a lid for two minutes. Then you just gently with a lid frying pan to flip the tortilla, wait a couple of minutes, and your Spanish Breakfast is ready! During cooking, you can vary the taste by adding tomatoes or herbs.


manygoodtips.com_3.04.2015_5iufBi7fIH5viSomehow not enough of one tortilla, especially that Breakfast should be hearty. Just in this case there is bocadillos (Spanish sandwiches), which perfectly complement the entree.

In fact, bocadillos is any oblong Burger with all the possible toppings. To list cooking options can be infinite, instead will teach you the secret of the brand bocadillos

You will need:

1) bread (better to take a long baguette, which can get two or even three bocadillos);

2) mayonnaise is one any guy;

3) tomato, cucumber, watermelon or any other fresh vegetables that you can slice them into segments;

4) tuna (canned is fine);

5) olive oil (to taste).

Start with the basics bocadillos – bread. If you chose a baguette, cut it into equal parts across and make incisions along, that was where to put the stuffing. The Spaniards practically do not use butter, and it would not be suitable to your taste, so you can drop a little olive on the bread, or brush the bread with mayonnaise (you can choose both). Next, take tuna. If it’s canned, you can just grind the fish with a fork and put on bread. Vegetables cut into small pieces and send back. That’s all! Your first bocadillos ready. Every time you can vary them by adding ham and cheese or fry and put there the egg.

Buen profit, amigo!

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