Space, the threat will pass by the earth

Work.kom.ua_27.03.2015_V3NiEAURVXisbMedia reported that on Friday, March 27, will be held by the Earth potentially hazardous asteroid, called simply and tastefully – 2014-YB35.

However, not much to worry about. The probability that it will affect the planet is extremely low. It’s all in the distance of 4.5 million kilometers. It is approximately 11 times greater than the distance from the earth to the moon. However, the speed of it psychological – 37 thousand km/h, and the dimensions are impressive: according to some reports the width of the object is 1 km away and Can, as always, to follow the movement of cosmic bodies on the NASA website or from his personal Observatory.

Now, however, any space body, passed close to our planet will cause serious concerns. Previously, the Ministry said, according to forecasts, in the next 35 years, with the Land able to connect multiple asteroids with sizes from 7 to 945 meters. So now do without the Armageddon, but whether still will be…

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