Sources of stress that you ignored for some reason


All our life is woven from the stress, worries, emotions, and patches on the strings. Always will be, dude! It is advisable to avoid stress, if you think this is a lot harder than you think, you’re wrong. Enough to complicate my life, man!

1. People that are too complex

Don’t let heavy in the bad sense of the word people to ruin your life. I mean the negative and toxic friends. These people are too complicate your life, forcing you to think about what you do not need. They’re not your friends, understand that friends and family do not! Happiness and tranquility can be found in a circle of loving and understanding people. Let this circle will be very small and narrow, but crowded, as they say, but not mad.

2. Your attempts to live in accordance with the opinion of others

Remember that you will never be not that happy, but banal and satisfaction when you follow the advice and opinions of other people. Start to live on their own, man! You’re an additional resource and a puppet of other people or a whole person? When you respond to the perceptions of other people or «traditional» ideas, you get approval, but not moral satisfaction.

3. Seminegative

Stop complaining! You will not achieve anything, why bring it to light things useless, from the depths of your subconscious, get them to try and relive again and again if they ended happily? They are no more, man! Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself. Don’t let little things break your happiness. The main thing is now, your emotions, reactions and feelings in the present. Struggle with the problems now will make you a much stronger person than trying to learn from their legacy mistakes.

4. Salt and old wounds

The first step on the road to normal living life is getting rid of what you don’t want. To let go of the past is the first step on the path to happiness. You are not your past failures. You are not your past habits. You are not how others treat you. You’re the only one who knows where you are now. And yet, you won’t believe you’re doing it right now, in this moment.

You’re not here reason, you’re here simply because so there were circumstances. Remember school physics course, remember, how many forces acted on one item in some tasks? So with you, man! To you many forces and factors. So stop to RUB salt in old wounds and complexes, they need to learn from them, be the architect of your future, of course, you completely their fate will not design it, but we must try.

5. Stop finding an excuse after something

Done means done. This is not only back, but also no need to justify. Excuses are generally the most unnecessary thing in the world. No it still is not good. Stop finding reasons why something you did not. Just do it! Do not care for the result, will fix later! The biggest things in life happen not by chance, but that is your choice. You accidentally on the street car can throw. And you never know, maybe something or not until you risk.

Remember that it is always better to look ahead and do something than look back and regret. In the end, there’s only one thing that makes our dreams and goals completely impossible to achieve: your inaction.

6. Safe life sucks

Every man deserves a piece of my happy pie. You have a right to the content everyone has, we do not have serfdom! Stop playing too safe a game! Stop acting like wise piscary. If you’re trying to hide yourself, your life and all you dear, it will disappear, and no they will not enjoy! Once you can Wake up and discover that hid so far, that he really can not find.

Dude, sit down, close your eyes and internally ask yourself, what is better: to live an ordinary life or beautiful life, emotion, love, and the fact that it would be possible to tell future generations? Dynamic fun much better than static!

7. The contempt for himself

The most difficult phase of life is not when no one understands you, it’s when you don’t understand yourself. It is easy to live for others, and many do, but I urge you to began to live for themselves and their own values, ideas and desires. Believe in yourself. Listen to your soul. It’s not that hard! Help others, but do not neglect yourself in the process. Give yourself a time and place that you deserve.

Live so that in old age you do not dream that I did not become the person I always wanted to be. This is the worst disappointment in my life! Live so that at the end of life you had something to say and tell everyone that you fulfilled one of his dreams. We blame ourselves for what we didn’t do it, and for something we never even tried.

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