Sony Walkman Sports player for athletes

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The music all becomes easier to do, especially to live and play sports. So Sony thinks so too, and therefore, has released a pretty cool player for an active lifestyle. While Jogging fucking awake, and the Bluetooth connection often breaks or interrupted by the need to answer a call or even just need to carry the source of the sound.

Sony Walkman Sports cover your head from behind, clinging special headbands for your ears and very securely held. We, frankly, the novelty very much. All on Board devices of 4 gigabytes of memory, which a standard user is enough, usually, to 900 songs. In addition, the headphones the player is very quickly charged three minutes, and the charge will last for hours, comfortably. A full charge lasts 8 hours.

But, in our opinion, the coolest feature of this hybrid headphones with the player is that they are fully waterproof, ie they can swim. Hell, we haven’t heard about the players with whom you can swim. By the way, you can swim and enjoy music at the same time?

The price does not bite — $ 99.

Sony Wokman Sports1486859325

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