Today is your birthday the one and only. For 15 years the only one. Vladimir Vladimirovich as many years as he did not give. Like many long-reigning officials of the era, it suffered the fate of being glorified in songs during his lifetime. Just listening to these songs, you realize that fate is rather unenviable. Perhaps, since Stalin was not such fawning. We don’t want to evaluate Vladimir Putin as President and as a person. We do not allude to that, and show what «did» the people of their ruler. Since man’s birthday, we’ve included only the good laudatory odes, from which a normal person can happen an epileptic seizure.

Taliban Kurbanhanov – «Ve-Ve-peee»

A true legend. At the time everybody was discussing brave Tajik bard Taliban Kurbanbaeva. Remember, no one could understand, Taliban is the name or talking about «Taliban John». On the clip and the song mocked in «Music shield» and fell asleep snide compliments in the morning programs on Federal channels. Since then, no «Music Shield», or leading the morning program is not visible. And the song alive. And GDP, of course.

The song is called «make the right choice» during the election campaign 2012. Taliban, apparently in the hope of citizenship tells how Vladimir Putin came to power when the people «suffering». Putin calls the singer only as «the messenger of God,» «best athlete,» «the son of the people» and so on. You don’t doubt that we are talking about our GDP, the clip – and the wild variety of masculine photographs of Vladimir Putin and the abundance of cranberries: the balalaika, a cap with ear-flaps and proud profile of the singer-Muslim on the background of Orthodox bells. Apparently, to somehow divert the attention of the listener from the colourful «Ve-Ve-pee» and very Oriental style of the performer.

However, bloggers patriotism is not appreciated, calling the song «anti-Putin». They are not convinced of the true Tajik patriot. And us perfectly. Sing along: «Ve-Ve-peee…»

Marina and Sergey Boriskin – «Putin – the President!»

Marina and Sergey Boriskin (probably granddaughter and grandfather), a native of Orekhovo-Zuyevo, has created something okoloserdecna, crazy, with a thick layer of «shovels». The only problem is that the artists themselves, apparently, treat his creation very seriously. Marina with incorruptible children’s sincerity, like Mayakovsky recites an undeniable fact, «Putin – the President». With this you can not argue, it is an objective truth. And that is why the girl who can’t sing, but rather screams, came on the scene, is unclear. Some believe that this kind of political order Orekhovo-Zuyevo scale. Don’t want to be scum and to criticize a child’s creativity. But in the back of the child is a grown man, so the criticism, of course, in his address, but not in the way an innocent child.

Folk costumes and strange text is, of course, is fun, but the disadvantages of not hiding. Not so great for those not so lightly to go. Although the mood lifted.

By the way, in the end it becomes clear that creativity Boriskina influenced by Armenian ensemble System Of A Down. Marina sings loudly and tasty, and Sergei, as Daron Malakian plays on the instrument and podklinivaet on backing vocals. Sure, «Atwa», «Fuck the system» and the other they would get worse.

Mashani – My Putin»

A true masterpiece! This song, like kiss Monica Bellucci warm spring morning. No wonder it has caused such a stir.

A simple singer from Novosibirsk under the pseudonym Mashani took absolutely clip collective, whose core budget went to dress in a tricolor. Although if the clip came out in the 90s, even such a mastodon sexy singing, as Valery Leontiev, to be envied. In Romania is still something like that off.

At first glance, it’s a song about Putin, but really the subtext is encrypted notorious and bitter crisis in Ukraine. The clip struck not only annoying phrase «My Putin», but unheard of insolence. And who is she to be called idol! Yes, and to assign a national treasure. Putin, he’s our. And we…

In the end, Mashani was just trying to appear to the President, but the popularity is not acquired. Ranking on YouTube is proof of this.

Good boy – «Putin Molodets»

In addition to children’s art about Putin – contest of young talents, where a boy of primary school age performing the song «Putin Molodets».

It turned out that this is the son of a certain Oleg Likhachev, the channel which posted the video. Oleg is an ardent fan of Putin, and he has a pretty impressive list of recordings involving himself and his son.

You can say only one thing: the boy is very sorry. The Pope wants to show its position with the help of sons, made a bet that Putin, the jury will not refuse, is not known. Only son was framed. Yes, because the music is horrible as a festival of «Radio Chanson». It is, in fact, as if taken from anybody. The guy who probably sing and she does not like, rather, tells a verse to the music, than crying. Very sorry for the guy.

It’s funny to monitor the operator’s actions: he puts the camera on the jury to see their reaction. Later, you notice that someone from the jury removes all actions on a mobile phone.

Incidentally, in the repertoire of the author «hit» there are still songs about Putin: «Vladimir Putin has done 2, or Russia God created» and «Vladimir Putin has done 3 or oligarchs snickering.» Unfortunately, talent does not sleep.

But the version from the father.

Singing together – «Such, as Putin»

Song about Putin as if specially made farcical, meaningless and worthless. It is clear that any song about the President is perceived as a «deflection» and the language of work in one place. Talented but the text without the deification of the leader how to write a it is not impossible. And for a long time, already since the early 2000s, when the group «Singing together» I wrote this song. Then it was treated with humor, it seemed, and the authors themselves, too. Then all was made to laugh at politics. Laugh, not to ridicule! Although remember the beginning of the Millennium. With the advent of GDP there was some stability, the rating rose to heaven, and therefore, sell themselves at the expense of the favorite of the people was not considered shameful. And as we can see, Putin, even after 10 years, is a benchmark for young ladies. Does not drink, does not smoke, does not offend… but ran away. My wife then broke up.

Remember this song. With it all started.

Uma2rman – «Horoscope»

In General, the creation of the Nizhny Novgorod brother, who performs under the familiar guise, there’s nothing wrong. Was 2012, the country has covered the election campaign, the President with the Prime Minister reversed, over the opposition swamp the sun was shining Lesha Navalny, 100% voted for GDP voted by 146% and politics was no place to hide. All denounced each other in the fraud and was yelling about totalitarianism. So I decided brother Krestovskiy to write a song about the instability in the world. And about the Egyptian revolution, and about the economy. The song, in General, do not praise Putin, just says, since you are lucky to be born under the same stars as the President, then you’re fine. Well, that Putin in 2012 everything was just great!

Sasha Chest feat. Timati – «Best friend»

In September, Sasha’s Honour and Capella came the song «My best friend», the hero of which was… who would you expect!? But if you made visible the song, then it is like the kite, fly! and make it interesting zae… annoying. Simply put, with bright songs make pretentious shit knows what. The song was released yesterday, video today.

My white Lord. Who left that out.

Timur Yunusovsaid he got shot on the background of the Kremlin. Large-scale, convincing.

By the way, Timothy, and then thrusts his «Lada Sedan». Pours strange phrases like: «If a country is a club, on the dance floor today a lot of people… we are all equal» – calls the President «a superhero». While the phrase «my best friend» and «we all country», and even this is music – all together creates in my mind some cognitive dissonance! It’s pointless, how to mix the truffle foam, shit and pass it off as foie Gras. Well, what the fuck??? What is he to you friend!? And what they wanted to say with the phrase «Today I’m a player, my friend with me»!? You agreed with Obama, spoke at the UN, and consulted in the framework of «Normandy four»!? Something I there do not remember!

A. M. G. – «Go Hard Like Vladimir Putin»

A classic of the genre. Children of the ghetto is not trying to appease the «Threat No. 1 for the world,» according to the state Department and trying to offer him support. They just liked the way the President parried the attacks of its Western neighbours. «They are there, in their America, apparently believe that any ultimatum ends or concessions, or bombardment, and Putin showed them a Fig. Here they are afraid,» talking on the streets.

Well, what about the songs? Rappers, again, went under the old scheme: they sang about the most talked-about person, but glory were short-lived. Song no.


For quite some time to watch the WHC has become unbearable. But in addition to templates, over which laughed your Neanderthal great-great-grandmother and disgusting humor in it became a lot of jokes in the style of «Liz-Liz». And since the KVN games, respectively, every second song is about «Abamku-abidance» and Putin-owner. It’s easier, so more chances to win, and the audience responds gratefully. Only here the most, or rather, Himself is not very funny.

Superhit for all times

Best song. What vocals, what a voice, what game is on the keys! In 5-7 years the country will be full of new Matsueva. And all thanks to Him! What a talent! What a voice! Bravo!

Actually, not bad for a man didn’t beat on the keys still. In music schools the teachers are worse to play as it does not hurt.

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