Songs that will make you work harder

The end of the year time, no doubt, intense. Dealers in the confusion are the reports that the students tie the tails at the session and write term papers, and someone’s just trying to have time to solve all your problems on time minuscule. But with the song to decide such questions is much more fun — it is not only to build and live help, but also sets the right mood.

Stan Bush — you’ve Got The Touch!

Track of the category of «too eighties», that is «too eighties» from him and blows hairy men, similar to each other songs, breeches and the share of strange epic that could only be found in this amazing decade. Look at the face of Stan Bush — it looks like he’s going to rape you. Listen to the music — it sounds like all pop music of the 80s at the same time. Here it is, the spirit of the time.

But if you stop to laugh with standing on the background of the transformers Bush, you can hear what the person is trying to motivate you, explain to you that taking a step, you become stronger.

The Rolling Stones — You can’t Always Get What You Want

You can’t always get what you want,

But if you once try, you will find

You get what you need.That’s what 69-year singing favorite Yuri Loza. Unfortunately, a more detailed prescription is not given, Jagger describes just some pictures from my life (and it seems that he’s not trying hard). But the main message of the song is clear and without translation.

In the West this song a long time became a kind of anthem of the boor-realists. It sounded at most meetings trump with voters, it was under her Hank Moody left the damned in Los Angeles at the end of the fourth season (and if the series ended here, the General impression of it would be saved). So if you want to make their country a «great of Agen» or to start a new life, without waiting for gifts from the fate — listen to this song.

Insane Clown Posse — Fuck The World

Music that will help you draw a couple of drops have the courage for decisive action. For example, you need to break a couple of nasty face, to burn a neighbor’s car, which is under the Windows and begin to do something efficiently and safely — listen to two of the Detroit clowns in the best sense of the word. Only one mighty nerve and serve to provoke something bold and sharp, like a blow with a sickle on eggs. Perfect song for mass appeal effort and energy when all around got.

Rocky Balboa & Bill Conti — Gonna Fly Now

For 40 years this song is considered the anthem of pristupanja through their own laziness and complexes the beginning of the active work. When I hear the opening fanfare, the muscles begin to shrink, and the brain feels something serious. As soon as not jiving this song, but thanks to the Jogging rocky in Philly it makes you want to take and make something serious.

The Horrorist — Ich Habe Die Macht

Yeah, it’s hard to listen to the end, but the song works — proven by years of research. However, effect is it different: in some quickens the heart rate, and, in anticipation of the imminent heart attack, they begin to do everything much faster, the other just sucks rhythmic swotting, and, leaving to do stuff, they sit down for lessons. There is a third, which in the genetic memory awakens efficiency, as soon as they hear hysterical German. We are the people of Germany, of course.

Bee Gees — Stayin’ Alive

You are not just tired old song, and ultranova old song. But there are a couple of points: first — it is wonderful, second it helps. Did you know for example that the composition is used by us doctors for training skills of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, because the rhythm of the melody almost completely corresponds to the recommended frequency of compression of the chest. But if it saves the life of the core, and you feeling will. It’s a rhythmic song that is fun to do anything.

And the song describes in detail the conditions under which we consider «Life going nowhere, somebody help me!». Maybe you realize that something is wrong.

Carl Orff — Carmina Burana

Under such Grand music I want to make something less epic, for example, to take over Europe.

Though actually the text is based on the medieval poems from the same collection and tells about simple things: the fickleness of fortune and wealth, the transience of life, the joy of returning spring and the pleasure of drinking, gluttony, gambling and sex. That is about the same things that plagued you. Only the music is too triumphal, and is more suitable for burning some town. However, this does not become worse.

Richard Wright & David Gilmour — Breakthrough

Not all songs should motivate violent rhythm, sometimes you need to calm down and gather my thoughts to follow through. When you listen to these two noble old men, one of whom, unfortunately, no longer alive, I realize that it makes no sense to run around and sprinkle ashes on his head, this better not be. You seem to take a deep breath before something important — that’s what emotions the song. If the music will not catch, read and retell, deeply philosophical lyrics.

Valentin Strykalo — Dude, you’re 45 years old!

What is there to tell, this song is about you. That it is time to get serious, to do something with your life, to look for a job in the end. A great and timeless song.

Manowar — The Crown and The Ring

A masterpiece from the «Gods of war», focuses on how Ross The Boss teammates gathered for some kind of battle. Eric Adams screams that the enemies get close, just in case Odin welcomes and threatening to his haters that they come in a whirl of fire. There are no wild guitar washed down, this song doesn’t sound like a battle, it sounds exactly like training performance in the campaign. And what is life if not a battle with the problems and responsibilities? Look, pierce, and go to battle with everyday. However, otherwise it will not work, too epic sound composition. If you don’t want to bash a few skulls with a stick, then distribute the debt and do what you promised.

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