Songs that last no more than a minute

Every day we fill your ears with the horrible sound that comes to us from the external environment: from clubs, bars, cars, friends and food courts. Popular music is always in Vogue, and it is not so easy to escape. Besides, time is getting smaller and you have to find the short break from the top of the music. What to do law-abiding music fan, how to survive in such a world, remaining himself? At the moment we can recommend you to read our fierce selection of tracks that last less than a minute. Why do it? At least in order to once again make sure that good music can be stowed in seconds, and then, to save your time. Enjoy and don’t thank!

1. De La Soul – A Little Bit Of Soap

Nice funky thing from the guys from De La Soul. In General, the group is very important, especially for the alternative hip-hop. These innovators, which interfered with the style of how they wanted it. And did not look at the other «gangsta» because they liked jazz, not recitative ghetto. Such are the cases.

2. Angry Samoans – Lights Out

In General, the punks always liked short tracks. This probably suggests that singing can be until the moment when the horse tranquilizer start to act. Of course, the sound they have almost always shit, but the sound quality is not the most important ingredient in a song. And Angry Samoans – cool group of old schools, with 1978 plays.

3. Violent Femmes – Dahmer Is Dead

Playing with the 80s and playing well. They never reached great popularity, but, apparently, not tried it. Just played for themselves, for men and satisfaction. Cool, indeed. In General, listen to their cover of Charles Barkley, it is a very different style to sing.

4. GG Allin & The Murder Junkies – Highest Power

One of the most controversial musicians of all America. Dudes who get up on stage shit like Iggy Pop or Ozzy Osbourne admired that crazy, but to risk to repeat something like they were afraid. In any case, G. G. Allin lived life as a rock star of the old school: in the struggle, sin and alcohol. And now these characters less and less.

5. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Dayman

Move away a little from the evil men, and look on the bright side. «Always Sunny in Philadelphia» is one of our favorite series lately. So far, none of the seasons are not bent, but the song «Dayman» is already haunting different Internet in Studio quality. But we, perhaps, take an excerpt from the series, and you, if anything, will find and the full version. It lasts more than a minute, no more. Always raise the mood.

6. The Killers – Enterlude

There is a group of States, which rapidly attained popularity and looks set to break up with her not going. «Enterlude» you singing bug, and this is the reason to listen to this song.

7. The White Stripes – Little room

Jack white’s always got something to say, when we are talking about some track list Today he gave us a Groovy song, without any zapilov, but with the most mentally energetic atmosphere that is in every song The White Stripes.

8. The Beatles – Her Majesty

What would be our music, if they do not? Of course, this track is not in the list of the best songs from «The Beatles», but he’s good. Simple, melodic and calm. From it emanates kindness and Sunny day. And yet it is one of hidden songs in the history of rock music.

9. Madvillain – Supervillain Theme

It’s a theme, no? In General, «Madvillain» distinguished his music from other hip-hop. Perhaps they read primitive (although listening to them is boring), but the melody outperform their competitors. A bunch of funk and jazz elements, but it sounds evil, which is what we welcome in this case.

10. Tenacious D – Classico

About the Jack black we know that it is not only a wonderful musician but also a wonderful comedian. And generally like to combine two or even three things at once: shooting, Comedy, music. Let’s hear it and see the crazy clip Tenacious D.

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