Songs for all occasions: part 1

Different songs need different songs important. For all its long history, the poets and composers wrote works for all occasions. We publish only a few. In parts.

Lament about what it used to be better

Pink Floyd – High Hopes

After all, We all sometimes want to go back to the old days. That’s basically a song about just that. And in addition – a sacred word about that before «the sun is brighter, the grass greener and the light brighter.» This is the literal translation of the chorus. And the song from the last album «Vibes» Division Bell as nostalgia for the past greatness of the genius of the group. Although she was always great.

Song for fatigue from society

H. and hammer – Ended people

Simple and to the point. Nothing to paint, this song is like a good friend, will understand and support you in difficult times. And the only quatrain in its content more volume of the complete works of Ivan Turgenev. Well, the music is… Professionals.

For Cycling

Queen – Bicycle Gus

Although, if you believe the clip was better to watch as hundreds of naked girls riding a bike. But alas, a chance to stumble upon them in real life is negligible. So ride on lisaped «Leopold the cat», and think of valorising under enchanting singing Freddie mercury. Someone may be confused by the fact that it sounds like a song from a children’s cartoon. But this is only the style that only adds spice to the composition.

For travel by ATP forces and Railways

Stooges – Passenger

When Iggy Pop was doing it in the car Berlin, certainly never imagined she would become the biggest hit of his life. A guitar riff as if it is calling in the street, and «La La La», made by David Bowie conveys the sensation in the time of sickness.

In order to understand how good and phrases

Alexander Vertinsky, As well and phrases

A great artist has lived an incredibly interesting life. One of the few Russian artists who had become famous abroad. And went to him not only the Russian immigration.

It’s not her most famous song, but how does it make sense! Clear and painted on the shelves, why sometimes it is necessary to take a break from women, and instead makes the brain of conversation with a friend of his to sit and easy to drink Scotch whiskey.» So, for 100 years, the Institute has male and female relationships haven’t changed.

Best song in order to meet the bad times with a smile

Warren Zewon – My Shit»s Fucked Up

The stunning American musician in our area do not know so well as we would like. But it is not a song, the confession of sauce rudeness. Novel in verse about a man who learns that his days are numbered, and his case is very bad, is perfectly suited for those moments. Heisenberg had to listen to only this song!

Nevertheless, it feels kind of a joke. However, drunken alcoholic Zevon, who in his life time and again approached the border, and he always laughed at the troubles.

About the dangers of cigarettes

Princess Chelsea – The cigarette duet

Sweet, simple, easy, but amazingly haunting song with a banal Smoking slang: «If I want, I’ll stop.» However, the music is reminiscent of pop music of the 90s it sounds like an ode to Smoking. Here’s a music joke, because all smokers refer to his work as a joke.

For life’s tragedies

SOAD – Lonely day

Simply listen to the song to understand that everything is very sad and bad, even if only what was good.

There is still an amazing cover band with the telling name «Grape day», but rather, devastated after drinking alcohol in outer doses.

Song for a funeral

Bregovi Goran – Ederlezi

The Bregovic that is not a song, it’s a state of mind. The entire repertoire of his «Wedding-funeral orchestra» consists of songs that absolutely have to have fun, and songs that make you want to fall and cry. This is just of the last, and probably it causes the greatest emotional distress. And you do not need to be a citizen of the former SFRY and love the film «time of the Gypsies», the soundtrack to which was this composition.

Song for the intolerable futility of Russian life

Yegor Letov – Russian field of experiments

Well, who else? So ostrosotsialnye and details, as Letov, such problems could not sanctify anybody. And we don’t even need to listen, feel quite a chorus, to understand the essence Egorov suffering.

The song helps to adjust to men’s actions

Joe Cocker – n’oubliez jaime

As you know, there is no more male singer than Joe Cocker. His songs literally awaken the potency, cause the facial hair to break faster, the back to straighten up and go to earn money. The dialogue between father and son (and there is nothing more intimate and masculine than the teachings of the father of the son), well painted in this song as if it awakens the male principle, saying that every generation has its way, come and live, don’t look back, have things to do.

Song to justify their bad mood

Biglocal – Depressive

A strange man this is your Em Kalinin. On the one hand writes which stings to livers urban confessions «Refining» on the other – sharp, obscene for materialistic, but straight and coarse plain truth «Bilocale». Plus a few projects. But we chose this because precisely it no one spoke about the apathetic state of mind depressive simple «creature walking». And so mannered and deliberately casual.

The song is for celebrating a wonderful day

Lou Reed – rerfect day

Many rightly believe this song the only bright ray in the works of Lou. Indeed, as far as this great song, so seem uninteresting his other work, which is more than the Muscovites on Eid al-Adha. Although «Beautiful day» from the point of view of poetry, can hardly be called a masterpiece. In fact, Lou just lists what he did throughout the day: drink sangria in the Park, visited the zoo, etc. in the presence of a beautiful lady. And makes a very one-sided and crude, as if not a poet at all. But the music elevates it to the pinnacle of human existence and its delicate wing blind eye to all the work of reed, as if saying «Ah Yes, genius! Ah Yes son of a bitch!» So, going to bed after a wonderful day, listen to it again to secure the pleasure, because if you’re so late will be very bad.

Song, gives forces of apathy and sending unwanted in a certain direction

The Police – Made in the bottle

Actually in this song the old sting (sting played in this band as the vocalist and bassist) sings about loneliness. However, too heroic reef and manner of execution does not leave any hint of loneliness. There is definitely something more cheerful. And definitely one of the best guitar riffs in music history.

Song to longing for the former

The Retuses – a Letter to a woman

The lyrics were written by Sergey Yesenin. Or rather, the guys from Retuses took a well-known poem addressed to Zinaida Reich, his ex-wife. Subsequently she married a famous Director. Meyerhold, however, this is not how the song relates. Yesenin was pining for his ex-wife, even though he knew that it did not return. And Retuses suffering of the poet in his manner of have listed. The result is a very what is called «delicious» and unusual.

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