Song we build and live help

Song we build and live help

manygoodtips.com_27.03.2015_DT0DtkO0Uq6JPThe music is enough to brighten even the most gray days in amazing colors and shades. Traveling through space and time, it unites millions of people, despite seemingly insurmountable cultural and generational differences. Music tells stories, capturing in its power the whole range of our emotions, inspires us to actions and the creation of something special. In music we find the embodiment of the unspeakable, it makes the hard times easier and the good even better. Do you know that suddenly rang out in the gym «Eyes Of Tiger» adds every dude in the room +50 stamina and +20 to strength?

Roger waters (Pink Floyd) once said that the only force that pushes us forward is the music. Many scientific studies support this view, arguing that there is a strong link between music, health, happiness and productivity of employees. «Music is a beautiful thing – when it hits you, you feel no pain» – Bob Marley was a firm believer in this, but don’t have degrees.

manygoodtips.com_27.03.2015_mPHOt6TaUxEQDResearchers at the University of Missouri empirically came to the conclusion that music can instantly raise your mood if you’re mad or if you’re sad. Quiet slow pace of a nice melody reduces the level of cortisol in the blood (and your favorite «Rage Against the Machine» is not the best helper for this purpose). An experiment was conducted in which it was found that patients who listen to the classics before surgery, had lower stress levels than those who took sleeping pills.

Moreover, there is an assumption that music is actually able to prevent the disease, because, as they say, all diseases – from nerves and only syphilis – by love. Stress negatively affects our immune system, and this is how music saves us from stress and anxiety, it thus protects our health. Moreover, music helps release dopamine which is one of the chemical factors internal reinforcements and serves as an important part of the «reward system» of the brain because it produces a feeling of pleasure (or satisfaction), what affects the processes of motivation and learning. That’s why, when you listen to your favorite music, your body shivers run (Guitar solo Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin).

The famous American neurologist Robert J. Sector and velori Salimpur has conducted extensive research on the impact of music on the brain. They write that fun when listening to music due to the release of dopamine in the striatum. The same thing happens when a person takes drugs, has sex and eats delicious food. Simply put, our brains are programmed to be happier when we listen to music. we come to a very controversial question about the influence of music on performance and consider the two sides of the coin. Let’s start with the fact that productive workers are happy workers. Good mood affects the enthusiasm for the development of new ideas, the creation of the creative process and a healthy atmosphere in the team. One major American media company News Corporation conducted an interesting experiment, the result of which showed that 9 out of 10 workers perform their work better and better, when the quiet background sounds of classical music or instrumental covers of popular rock songs. There is also a correlation between music and work. The experiment, which was called «The MusicWorks», showed that the classic easier to work with numbers and helps to maintain accuracy when entering the data, whereas a rock nut you powerful music kick, and you can do physical work much faster than in complete silence.

When you work in a noisy office headphones with quiet music clean irritant surrounding chatter and give a feeling of privacy in the middle of the workspace. But, as we wrote above, it all depends on the set before you task. If you need something to remember or to concentrate on complex mental tasks, your main helper is silence. But, based on statistics, it should be remembered that music and its perception – a purely subjective thing, so write in the comments how your tunes affect your workflow. And what kind of music you listen to (if listening) while in the office.

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