Son or World of Warcraft? Of course, the second!


Time horror stories South Korea — almost the world’s technological capital. Here dudes are exempt from military service, if they are good at Starcraft, that is why the number of nerds in this country is unbelievable.

A young Korean father was so addicted to online games that forgot not only about time but also about how to take care of his underage son.

22-year-old man left to babysit 2-year-old son when his wife got a job in a factory and moved to a hostel on the object. Father was a very big fan of igrulek and coming home only every three days to see if son is alive at all. All this time the man was lost in an Internet café or in the bath, went to bathe. But one day something went wrong, and man returned home after a month. Through the goddamn month!!! Naturally, in place of the son he saw the corpse, though not the first freshness. His habit of playing he did not leave even after he discovered his dead son. Like even in prison plays.

It should be noted that his wife he met in an online game in high school.

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