Sometimes you need to say to yourself: «Shut up»

It is better to remain silent and appear a fool than to open your mouth and dispel doubts.

– Mark TWAIN –the Language will lead to Kiev, and in Kiev you don’t need it. It actually may prove in the most unusual places from which to get out. The language is very, very disgusting: slimy, writhing like a serpent, it looks like a piece of flesh, which tore the skin. In every sense of gruesome detail, so trusting him is not worth it.

Give show off

Since childhood, the mother said: «do Not be silent in the classroom, if you know, give me your hand, keep a low profile». On the one hand, it definitely helped, especially on the lessons of literature and history, it is advantageous to show off and to pass for clever among classmates. On the other hand, it turned a nice ad from other teachers, in which, in addition to pissed the teacher’s authority, there was nothing. I respect smart, but too smart I hate is I realized after undeserved triples in the quarter. Since then I have tried not to be like my elders, who could support any issue.

Being enthusiastic and patronizing snotty teenager, I admired their ability to support any conversation, from literature Lovecraft to alarming political developments in Montenegro. Was in the company of an architect, they found it necessary to dump him everything he knew about Norman Foster, buildings-gherkin in London. But over the years it became clear that all these years our communication took place only because, in addition to erudition and extensive knowledge, the guys nothing. It is extremely boring, insecure guys who are just tickled his vanity, telling all sorts of crap, the youngster missed gigabytes of memory. I’m just confused knowledge with wisdom and talent. Sooner or later it becomes clear. As it was with my friend (relatively, Izyaslav), in any case, whether a meeting with the boss, the visit or meeting at the bar (poor barman!), he started rattling off memorized programs of TV channel «Culture» facts. But the fact is that, over time, memorize them became lazy, and facts were repeated. Everyone is sick for the umpteenth time to listen to some interesting scientific fact about the sperm of the elephant. Close friends he was not (because talking about something else with him was impossible), and therefore casual acquaintances were quickly disappointed in this nadograditi, to draw knowledge from the TV.

Why am I telling you about that guy? There was one amusing incident connected with its lack. A he wanted to fill his face for an endless stream of knowledge, but no one has wanted to do it as Alex. Alex holds craftool brewery and knows a lot about drinking. Pulled hell to take Izzy in this company. Izzy somewhere read a lot of rubbish about how to prepare beer, how to crafty business, and how to brew real beer. Of course, drinks Alexei, he found a lot of flaws. Alex was justified. Moreover, he began to teach Alexis to brew beer, because it found a discrepancy with the fucking article. Alex cringed. When Lech started to ask questions, Izzy began to answer before being asked. We took his beer, he didn’t deserve. We asked him to leave. Schaub you died, Izzy.

These people, who boast of their telaerotica worse than necrophilia. Your words they only put a spoke in the wheel. Rather, they remind pensioners, authoritatively declare that «Putin has put his wife in a psychiatric hospital» and «Paris in love Eiffel tower» than any of the intellectuals and good people in principle.

Keep your secrets

But there are people even worse. Verbiage that can’t keep secrets. Seems to be OK dealing with a person like you have much in common, as if in pure, sincere sympathy to each other, begin to share secrets, talk about themselves and their relationship to a common acquaintance, and then resent you, because this masipula all told. And you’re no better, trust some bloke you meet. By the way, is quite common situation, when one company begins discussion of those who never came to the festive evening. A friend of mine genuinely believed that grenoside friends in front of others is normal. However, neither the friends nor the audience did not think so. Even the cities are not so great as it seems. The city is close to the anthill, where many people know each other, so take your time to tell some facts from the biography and his family.

At work

But it is especially important to be able to keep my mouth shut in some responsible jobs. Sometimes, when hiring a new employee, some companies even take a subscription about nondisclosure of the production secrets. This may be related to financial activities, or the latest production technologies, or even the secrets of preparing certain dishes in restaurants. Most often it is, of course, a basic show-off, dust in the face of the worker to «know what place is lucky to have this worm.» So, as you leave the workplace, remember the harsh Soviet poster, which severe Slavyanka in the Communist Savannah ominously warns: «do Not talk!» Typically, these conversations gradually deepened, and you did not notice the leak that outsiders shouldn’t know. For example, what did you see, how your boss doesn’t wash his hands after using the toilet. After all, Not all are sincere as you can and accusation to roll. I remember that in one of the glorious Universities of the South of Russia for this revelation of a young graduate student drove pissing rags.


Remember the ancient wisdom: «words can kill, words can save»? So, before to say something, always plug the brain. Do not talk back to the bullies, not louts police (even 3 months under house arrest upset Pushcha recent albums of The Killers). Remember that one angry tirades enough to get you hated children and were put in a corner the mother.

Of course, there are times when to remain silent is absolutely impossible, when the opposite should shout as loudly as possible (in the figurative sense of the word «shout», my friend), but otherwise remember: strangers do not like talkers, and especially talkers who are talking nonsense. From this you get tired quickly.

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