Sometimes money can buy happiness


Every pioneer knows, what not in money happiness, and in friendship, work and world welfare. This ideology is drummed into the heads of our fathers and grandfathers, so most of them, but sadly, left behind only one legacy you. The Communist idea has sunk into oblivion, ideological fools every day it becomes smaller, however, we again fall into the trap that left us without pants. We are told, what not in money happiness. We say that you can’t buy love, friendship, loyalty, and seconds that will make you the happiest man on Earth. Often this is the case. Very difficult to buy everything related to personal experiences and soul. Difficult, but possible.Money will not make you happy, but lack of money can cause you a lot of anguish

American speaker Jordan Belfort is Understandable. Most «moral» people have a very poor approach to money. For them it is just paper, which is necessary for survival in a capitalist society. It’s definitely not a thing to die for. On the other hand, we are witnessing endless death generated by the power of money. For example, in our city not so long ago dropped from the roof of the Director of a large real estate Agency is not able to repay debts and decided to do what I do in such cases? In fact, a man was killed by a lack of money.

Whether you like it or not, these infernal pieces of paper seriously affect your happiness. They can make you unhappy and, likely, they can make you happy. It should be understood that happiness can be different. Weren’t you happy when you SIP from the can of cold beer after a hard day? But beer costs money.


Example a beer was not an accidental splash in memory. Happiness can be based on hedonistic start. This is the essence of the consumer society that we all hate, but of which we all are. We like things. Someone a good gun, someone wonderful steaks, and someone collector tube. Most people like to spend Friday evening in the bars and clubs. Others are pleased that they can offer a sports hall or a stadium. Any service, any product is unthinkable without money — we have long moved away from subsistence, so there is nothing to say about it. Moreover, it is unlikely that you will want to go back to that wild time, because capitalism has created the variety of choice that you have now.

Food improves mood, and alcohol can increase it, and even watching a good film at the cinema can cause a feeling of happiness. You say that it’s all fine. But isn’t it from small things make up our life? Or do you need to be Napoleon to feel something big? Sure this French Shorty felt the warmest feelings only when I started the fork in the cake its name. In other words, we are seriously dependent on things — it’s human nature.

Luxurious life

There are different financial situation. Those who despise money? Such type two: people who own a lot of money, and the value of money, from their point of view, becomes insignificant; the poor, who find in the denial of money moral and psychological support.

But we all want to conform to some standards, even if this standard — the absence of any standard. And, of course, most want to become successful men who can have all the women at once, but still own the 33 yachts. Wealth, luxurious life of a boat is not a prerequisite of happiness, but hell promotes it. It is much easier to be happy when you’re outrageously rich than when poor brutally. This does not mean that Nigerian boy, infected with HIV, can not be happy, but the chance to experience this feeling it is much less than the guy who just won the lottery million dollars.


But even if you don’t want to be a smug rich people throwing money left and right and happy mortal and corruptible, the money you still can not let go. Want to make a high dream? I want to help people? I want to travel around the world? You need the money. Without them, the likelihood that you will, is reduced to zero.

Possibilities are every day becoming more but they require you old, good and bad money.

For example, in today’s world you can fly into space. So, without special training. Space tourism is now gaining momentum. Such was impossible when the meat was changed to the croup, and hay for the pearls. Here need money, lots of money.

Of course, money must be earned, otherwise on flights and it is painful to think. So if you are a person who can experience happiness only at the moment when the body will be in earth’s orbit, then experience is the most happiness you can only for money. There is another way — to devote his life to Astronautics, but it’s even harder. Astronauts less than a dollar millionaires.

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