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The comic industry which is gaining momentum in Russia. Not the last role in this process was played by the films from Marvel and, to a lesser extent, DC. But, as before, the bulk of the reading population refers to comics with disdain: «Stupid pictures for those who can carry a normal book.» But it is not so. In fact, in the comics a lot of the author’s power, which relates to the execution of a series. I think you know perfectly well that the comic, for example, Superman never wrote one person. The work is passed from hand to hand, from artist to artist, from writer to writer. Even Alan Moore has worked on a series about Superman: he’s actually very much written for the mainstream before diving in especially more things. Thus, the history and execution of this story was radically different from series to series, because you were different people. Perhaps for this reason, a comic about any character with devious deuces never get bored. Among the writers and artists were there real giants of industry, who founded his own Studio, creating their own worlds, gave, simply, the coolest content. And it is these things and you need to read if you’ve never picked up a comic book.

Follow our advice (for avid fans of the comic books, they can be banal), read a few editions of the following works, then you simply will not be able to return to ordinary life. The comic is the ninth art.

1. Keepers (Watchmen) DC Comics


The legendary creation by Alan Moore, who can compete in popularity with any comic from Marvel. The comic book came to light in 1986 in the walls of the company DC Comics. There were 12 releases, no more, no less. In the end, Alan Moore had a fight with the Studio, so I did not write anything new in the created world of watchmen. Can you call this a superhero comic, because the characters there really are, but they are radically different from those of vanilla and fabulous Dobryakov, which we used to see in the latest films from Marvel.

The world Alan Moore is extremely cruel, and the characters in this cruel and sometimes shamelessly weak. They are more like crazy, which took responsibility for the controversial action to preserve peace on Earth. The story is told from the faces of Rorschach – crazy guy in a mask, where are full of spots psychologist Rorschach. He leads his own investigation, which begins with the murder of one of the main heroes of the universe – comedian. Who is behind the murder? Rorschach will be able to know the truth? Or is it just paranoia driving him crazy, and no conspiracy against costumed heroes never happened?

2. Spawn (Spawn), Image Comics


Todd McFarlane in the past years he worked on a series about spider-Man. But then he got bored writing for giant companies, and he founded, together with other prominent artists and writers of comic books his own company – Image Soms. All the founders of this company was an elite amixetrine. DC and Marvel, to put it mildly, was shocked when they left their best shots. Now Image Comics is one of the leading comic book Studio in the world.

Infernal comic strip about a character named Spaun became the flagship Image Comics. And still them. It tells about some kind of hell, which in a previous life, was a CIA operative al Simmons. When the agent for their sins slaughter went to Hell, then he suggested surgery. Of course, the bargain was love – he gets the opportunity again to see his wife, but sells his soul to the ruler of Hell. Any deal with demons, as you know, in the end is a failure. At its end, e, to the last man, became an officer in Hell’s army, the so-called Hellspawn. He returns to Earth, but in a different form, and its objective is the completion of army of darkness. What do I need to do? To kill any scum on the street: criminals, mobsters, rapists, serial killers. The comic is a fascinating but endlessly grim spectacle in which the spawn is torn between Heaven and Hell, remaining loyal only to humanity. The comic is available that day – great read.

3. Surf (The Undertow), Image Comics


The work of Steve Orlando and Artyom Trahanova (so, our compatriot, who recently launched a print Image Comics. In Russia, too, can get problems with it, there is an official localization. If you look at domestic criticism for this comic all excited, but the genius of it no one calls. But it can be read only for the reason that it had a hand in our people, and the result is a quality product with an amazing figure.

«Surf» tells the story of the angry residents of the same Atlantis that is under water. They are tired of living in this «perfect world», which is rotting from the inside, and part of the population wants to finally be on land. What’s stopping them? They do not know how to breathe. And, of course, no one wants to let go of the companions of Redoma Anarkali (the rebel leader) just Atlantis right people. Overall, a very cool mythical journey, not devoid of violence and bright colors. You can read and you need to at least expand their understanding of comics.

4. Providence (Providence), avatar Press


Avatar Press produces wonderful things, mainly on the theme of horror and Thriller. On their pages we usually see naturalistic scenes of violence. Working with this publishing house recognized as a member, but, anyway, Avater Press release first of all more comics.

«Providence» is a new series that took Alan Moore and Jason burrows. A prequel to her is comic Neomycin of the three releases (so so story, to be honest). Of course, the new work can be called a reinterpretation of the work of HP Lovecraft, because without readers it will never be. Of course, if it takes Alan Moore, schlock there you will not see. A separate interest fuels the fact that «Providence» is perhaps the most significant scale of the work of Alan Moore lately. Prior to that, he produced only short story, which is imbued not so easy.

Of course, as you read you will find reference to the stories of the great and terrible Lovecraft. So we recommend to be patient and to begin to read primary sources – by doing this you will have much more fun. In the center of the story «Providence» journalist Bobby black. He’s, well, not entirely traditional orientation, in terms of America in the early twentieth century, this fact can respond with broken ribs and a concussion. The author thus wants to show the most acute contradictions in society of the period. A special role it pays to be racist, but criticizing it, but simply showing the reality of the situation. Alan Moore’s monumental refers to the details of the era. Therefore, even a fantastic comic book it turns out pretty realistic. Otherwise, we travel the classic stories of H. p. Lovecraft, told by the genius Alan Moore. The plot will not tell much, because the comic is still published, but start reading today.

5. Transmetropolitan (Transmetropolitan), Vertigo


«This comic is an insane amount of obscenities, ugly things and violence» – so characterise this crazy creativity of gifted psychopaths. Why, then, be read? Because such works leave the most significant mark for all the time reading comics. «Transmetropolitan» will take you to the radical world of gonzo journalism through Spider Jerusalem, which, in turn, to the line as similar to hunter s Thompson. But that’s the world of Spider Jerusalem are a thousand times crazier than our is dystopia, which incorporates the worst predictions of the most depressing science fiction. The plot is not without humor and drive, and when I am flipping the pages of this creation are starting to hear wild music in my head. This is not just a fairy tale, because the Parallels with the modern world is more than enough. There’s dirty politics, and unfulfilled revolutionary dreams, and sacrifices that are to blame for their sacrifice. The main character is forced to clean up the shit of this world, because it’s his job, because he was a journalist. And for dessert, excellent panache, which is not slowing down by the end of 60-th edition.

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