Something to listen to on Halloween

Well, you cut the Lights of Jack, made the food, invited guests, and then what? Well, they will come costumed, and what will you do? At least the soundtrack theme prepare. Even if nobody comes, proposed to your attention the composition will create a real Halloween atmosphere, even if you despise the 31 October and everyone who gives that day some value.

Black Sabbath

Once the guitarist is the brains and artistic Director of VIA «Black Sabbath» Tommy Iommi drew attention to the huge enthusiastic and frightened the crowd leaving the theater after watching some godforsaken horror movie. This led Timothy to the idea that since people are willing to pay money to be scared, so you need to use it in full. And there was the legendary Black Sabbath with their vision: «We are writing terrible songs and unexpectedly become the parents of heavy metal and doom metal».

In General, for Halloween you can use any song early «Shabbat» from her early albums. Everything that was written after Ozzy Osbourne, pays a share of the pop and music like that, as you know, better to go Malibu night to celebrate the witches ‘ Sabbath.

And the list we attach, perhaps, the most gloomy and iconic song guys, after which the whole world knew that even the heavy music can sound better than the sweet tunes of Demis Rusos.

Yuriy Demidovich – «Magic Rabbit»

We have forgotten the young Belarusian occultist Yuri Demidovich, his attempts to summon the devil cunningly disguised as a children’s Eurovision. A shrill child’s voice, lobotomy spell in Latin, caused a shock tear from normal listeners and fall into a trance possessed. Brilliant performance, a unique combination of folk, black metal and Catholic Psalms, coupled with magicheskoi facial expressions of the child captivated the audience but did not help Jure to win.

The song really sounds ominous. Magic rabbit that plays the violin – certainly the reference to witches who transformed themselves into animals. The violin in the late middle ages was considered a tool purely diabolical and even forbidden by the Church. In addition, the dancer Yuri reminded the crowd of the possessed people, and he Yura, with a crazy wide smile, reminded of the conductor, encourages their Dark master. Yes, and Latin, which can not but cause concern.

In General, if you have nothing to do, you can find references to Satanism and the word «Animatis» – say, the root is «anima» has reference to the animal nature of Lord of the abyss. But we just think that Belarusian authors or decided to pin, or shortly before the writing saw the movie «the omen.» But Yuri… he is just that unusual. Anyway, he claimed directly from the Dark Lord did not communicate.

P. S. However, when the song played backwards, then all fell into place. Screams, reminiscent of something like «young sinner» and «the beast is calling me to him,» convinced even to take Safronov, who didn’t trust psychics in the «Battle of psychics.»

Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven (backwards)

In a large list of all the songs on» from «Stairway to Heaven» if it comes some lights. Stunningly beautiful, deep song that keeps your heart rate up to the last minute. It would seem that such beauty, with such depth and drama to come to a fun, slightly demonic holiday. But if you listen to it backwards, it all becomes clear.

Supporters of conspiracy theories are foaming at the mouth swear that the song is recorded backwards satanic message, and led Zeppelin sold their soul to the devil in exchange for «Stairway to heaven». Indeed, nothing better has been written. In addition, the leader of the group Jimmy page bought the house Aleister Crowley in Scotland, which in addition to ansovell residential functions, served as a well-known satanic Church. Crowley in his books, taught his followers to read and speak backwards.

The most interesting thing that replayed backwards song sounds better than any song Yegor creed. But if you listen closely you can hear the words: «We give you 666», «Israel», «Opsitioner». The «Zeppelins» claim that nothing is encrypted, they say, when decent people such nonsense to do, but when you listen treacherous feel a chill and some discomfort. Maybe it really is?

Marilyn Manson

Songs Manson bring to any occasion dark, rough aesthetic. Maybe the themes are not all songs suitable for pumpkin fun, but when the masked crowd is heard clanking as old iron, the music, and it suddenly becomes clear the meaning of the song «Sweet dreams», then believe me, better spectacle than watching them anxious painted faces you in life will not find. On personal experience I can say that Manson sets the right atmosphere «halloweenies» party. I remember many years ago we literally forcibly put Manson is DJ Smash, dead star and the fun sparked the right colors.

Well, let’s not forget that the Maestro has a song with the same title, and holidays. And it sounds like a soundtrack to some movie about ghosts.


A sin not to listen to on Halloween Halloween. Fans of power and speed metal will immediately understand what I mean, and it is, in fact, of the wonderful German musicians. The song the guys is not about zombies and witches, but about people, love and life is a classic set of power ballads. Probably any old school party, which will bring together old, to the best costumed metalheads, you will hear a couple of songs of Helloween. And if you’re scoring in search of recordings of «Vkontakte», run into this group, be prepared that the atmosphere of holiday, they are not underlined – it’s just good, solid metal. But the name obliges to include it on this day.


Ronnie James dio was tinned SIP, the growth of «meter with a cap», a huge talent and songs about knights, dragons and other mystical heresy. But how he did it! Baptist Church acted even against his funeral, because he, in their opinion, «teaches the masses to magic.» Well, because he was the niece of the porn actress (Gen Padova), and the alias he took himself indelicate – «God».

His songs certainly sound the same, but experts in the language will understand what’s what. Besides, good music can’t spoil the party.

Russian pop music

The worst thing that can happen to you, it’s a concert Kai Metov. If the sonorous voice of Yury Demidovich encourages the evil, the terrible infernal necrobass Kai hints at the presence in the realm of the living. Yes, and the Kai – mysterious figure: no one knows what he lives, what he does, whether he is alive or not, and what is the meaning of his songs. In addition, this compilation can include other mystical legends of the stage, about which something heard, but many in their own eyes have not seen.

Ray Parker Jr. – «Ghostbusters»

Such a holiday can not do without a soundtrack of the best monster movie ever. Lizun and company, an animated Scarecrow «Michelin» and «Vigo, the conqueror of Carpathia and sorrow of Moldavia» can not be taken calmly without a face soundtrack. Want to feast proceeded in the right direction, put the immortal theme, and costumed company immediately began to stir as the crowd of strikers after tear gas.

Michael Jackson – Thriller»

«Thriller» is still considered the most popular song in the USA on a Halloween theme. According to numerous surveys, it was found that this blockbuster Americans listen to in the last week of Oct most. Well, we have something worse. You should include her at the party as there will be some wise guy that will start to mimic dancing with the stunning clip. Well, let dance, song and live from the grave will raise. And, judging by the clip, literally and figuratively.


Well, where do without the rock-n-roll stories with mark «made in Russia». A time to remember his «hovanskoe» the past and once again to hear old stories about the witch, the track and other familiar characters. For Halloween they fit like nothing else.

Edvard Grieg – «In the hall of the mountain king»

This is a classic. The composition, which is somehow associated with the dirty tricks, rituals and some mysterious creature called «the Mountain king». From Grieg came a great Opera story, with mysticism, magic, and other magical creatures that can brighten any carnival, even yours.

Celtic music

Do not forget that this is primarily a Celtic festival. Its roots come from the era when Thistle had more, but in Europe it was customary to hang people on a century-old oaks, to appease the gods and spirits. Celtic music thought highly of himself BG, and many other musicians, so to celebrate the melodious Bay flute can be almost any music of any genre.

If your company was a man, vaguely reminiscent of the druid, trust me, he will appreciate it.

In the end, Celtic play very melodic and beautiful, the worst of them will not be.

John Williams, Howard shore and Basil Poledouris

John Williams has written the soundtracks to such masterpieces as «Star Wars,» «Dracula,» «Indiana Jones» and all parts of the «Harry Potter». Yes, these divine musical masterpieces was invented in Moscow, Russia. Besides, surely someone pulled her kimono, in which he several times went to training in judo, will put the lantern and say that he is a Jedi. And someone will come running with a pencil, glasses, lipstick painted a scar on his forehead, I would say that he was Harry Potter, and will run to the fridge. Anyway, dressed in costumes of the heroes of the films, which Williams wrote the music certainly will. At worst download just to be sure Howard shore, who wrote masterpieces before the Lord of the rings, and Basil of Poledouris. Maybe someone will come dressed as a Hobbit or Robocop.

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