Something to do this weekend #9

We got you a few surprises. One of them will appeal to your friend, the other two in your brain. In any case, all three things that we have planned for this weekend, perfectly good for the soul and body. As usual, we recommend you to read something small but important. To watch something exciting. And to do something unusual.

Read the article by Chuck Palahniuk, «Live like you should die»


After the release of «Fight club» Chuck Palahniuk nothing particularly steep and not written. Let us forgive his fans. However, the book «Ghosts» is noteworthy and the story «Guts» chic — reread and will reread. But Palahniuk is famous not only for his books but also his brilliant mind. He is well versed in many dark aspects of human life.

Take, for example, the topic of suicide. What can be said about it? «Suicide — the lot of a coward»? A little too simple, banal and superficial. In his article «Live like we have to die,» Chuck Palahniuk was torn to pieces desire of modern people to commit suicide. The article, of course, directed against this social disease, but the moralizing Palahniuk doesn’t look unprofitable, it gets to the point and makes us more confident in the necessities of life. Read, if you suddenly feel low and want to make a hair of Kurt Cobain.

See «What is reality?»

Not so long ago we discovered a kosher popular science Youtube channel- Sci-One and now watch various videos there. At the moment there are lots of good educational videos on the topic of anthropology of the ancient people and their relationship with each other. For example, a very interesting movie about cannibalism person. From this we can understand that cannibalism has accompanied humanity since ancient times, and today it is found, too, although the world calls itself «civilized».

But most of all we were blown away by the movie «What is reality?». In it, Alexander Sergeev, member of the Commission of Sciences to combat pseudoscience, says on the subject of reality, blowing quite funny and interesting examples of mythical creatures, household items and even mathematical concepts. Video is an excellent vaccine against dogmas, norms and «objective truth».

Learn pottery

If you watched the movie «Ghost» with Patrick Swayze and demi Moore, had to remember what ended the occupation in pottery of the protagonist. If you forgot, see a piece of video that we attached to the record (spoiler: Patrick gave!). So, pottery is not the kind of thing where boring adults while away the evening to occupy my hands. A trip to pottery barn can replace a proper date with candles and a delicious dinner. A lesson on pottery is great to surprise your friend.

However, if you are single, then you will still be interested to learn how to make these clay pots. You could literally touch the ancient times because pottery is one of the oldest crafts of man. When man stopped roaming, started to treat the field, know the vine and planted the first barley, then he immediately need the capacity that would protect the food from rats. He has also been an important transportation of supplies, and given that the first great civilizations emerged along large rivers, the people need this kind of pots that could easily float on the water.

You can read about it a lot, but to learn how to make these blood vessels you may only under the supervision of a good teacher in the pottery workshops. Such institutions are not so much in Russia, and not all of them are intended for adults, but we found serious people who are engaged in pottery for many years. Workshop «Pottery» is located in Moscow, and there are professionals, therefore, advise you to apply it there, and if you know any good workshops in other cities, be sure to share your wisdom in the comments.

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