Something to do this weekend #8

Now coming to the end of the working week and the start of a new weekend that will not be anything different from the past, if you do not take yourself in hand and do things that will remember your body and spirit. To make it easier to decide to spend a weekend, we share with you what they want to do to take over these dull and rainy days. Recommend a small but useful reading, a good movie about our ancestors, which may have bouts of pleasant nostalgia (shed avaricious man’s tears, when I remembered my childhood).

Read «a Bad flight» Charles Bukowski


If a person is concerned about rents, premiums for the machine, time clock, University education of the child, dvenadtsatitsilindrovy lunch for mistress, the opinion of a neighbor, getting up when raising the flag, or the fate of the Brands Starr, a tablet of LSD will probably drive him crazy, because in a sense he is already insane and in line with the companies is held only by means of external grilles Yes hammers monotony.Charles Bukowski remains in our hearts even when everyone stopped reading was full of superficial understanding his rebellious nature. We, frankly, often reread this marginal and genius, which in Europe, by the way, is better known as a poet than a storyteller. His prose fell us like at the moment when the Russian reality lost all touch with reality (sounds paradoxical, but you yourself was a witness to this).

Most of his life Bukowski drank and worked at a bad job that nobody wants, but then he wrote a lot and published in different journals. Some of his nonfiction works are included in private collections — for example, «notes of an old goat», although in fact it is not a storybook, but rather a collection of fragmented essays. Today, we advise you to read essays Bukowski «Bad flight», which is dedicated to the topic of LSD and expanded consciousness.

If we read comrade major, let him calm down — in the text of Bukowski isn’t a crime, quite the contrary: he talks about why most people this experience is not necessary. And this is a unique position for a person who was at the peak of the counterculture, knew of beatniks and other poets stoned. His point of view he backs up with examples from simple and dirty life. Interesting article for many quite useful.

See «Cave of forgotten dreams»


Humanity has an amazing story. Our kind has created the largest state in different parts of the world, provoked the cultural revolution, a massive change of consciousness, built the pyramids, wrote the «Iliad» and «the divine Comedy» finally created the Internet and sent his body into space. But all these events occurred in a time which can be estimated from records, historical evidence and artefacts. We can feel and think.

But what happened before? In the era of our prehistoric childhood? In the hands we were holding primitive stone tools, used the similarity of language, stripped of his alphabet and complex art forms. It is possible that we were wild beasts, no better than those cave lions and bears, which were used for ritual purposes.

Imagine a world that was separated from the Egyptian pyramids tens of thousands of years. The planet went completely different creatures, which even can not be found in nature. If writing is not, how do we know that prehistoric man was not as primitive as many people think? The answer lies in the caves, which are scattered around the world, which has preserved bones, as well as household items.Many of these caves are so boring to the layman that what he sees in them no magic of time, monstrous atmosphere of antiquity, which will make you appear a dust under the existence of life on earth. But there are those caves, which contain such a vast cultural stratum that immediately recall all your littleness. Such caves are closed from the public eye, they only learned people who have given permission for the study of underground chambers with stalactites and stalagmites.

These places will never be included in tourist routes because of its values, and most of these caves you will ever see. But there is justice in the world: there is a movie about the most famous of the «closed» caves, which is located in the South of France. The cave is called «Chauvet», it contains more than three hundred drawings of animals. Excellent documentary, which contains not only interesting information but also unique footage of the cultural life of ancient man. We watched movies anthropology, and this, in our opinion, the most dynamic and boring movie.

Jump on the trampoline

When we were kids, I wanted my parents to have installed a trampoline in the yard. God knows why, but every child likes to jump, tumble and fall while on a soft surface, not skinned on the asphalt. Then we grew up, but the desire will not go away — have only intensified.

However, in a rented apartment the trampoline is set, and the trampoline is not as simple as it seems. Today, the trampoline has become not just entertainment, but a real jump in feeling extreme pleasure. Some examples of upgraded his jumping skill so that they can now perform acrobatic pirouettes to the point, it falls on the stretched surface it is possible to learn from the instructors if you ask for.

But even if you’re no different physique, the trampoline will still be your good pastime. Thanks to him, you will be able without danger to health experience the sensation of free fall is a feeling not something to compare. For a start, we recommend you to learn a back flip — he can learn, with proper zeal, a couple of classes. Generally, it is a discipline, which is tightly borders with parkour, acrobatics and such crazy driving thing, like the wall run. In the future, skills that you get when training on a trampoline, you can even save lives.

Only we must not just jump and jump with the mind — recorded, for example, training in trampoline center Flip&Fly (Moscow), where you learn how to push off and land properly, not to lose balance, and of course to perform tricks. You can go to the group classes (they are cheaper), and you can go directly for personal training. If you give it your 100%, you’ll get an amazing experience: the joy of flying will border with useful knowledge that can be used in the city at a critical moment.

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