Something to do this weekend #7

You can do nothing to do this weekend, but so very boring! To do nothing is the same as strike 2 day of the week. Or 119 days (official figure, by the way). Are you ready 119 days to pull the toilet? Personally, we don’t. So try weekly to come up with three simple, but interesting weekend activities. Let’s begin, as is customary, with a good reading.

Read the article Ernest Hemingway «How to pass a War veteran without smelling gunpowder»

It would be nice to look into one of the shops selling old army goods and purchase yourself a jacket. Jacket, well-worn in the winter in the trenches, looks much more convincing than «Military cross». It is not possible to buy jacket, buy a pair of army boots. With them, you will be able to prove to someone in the tram that you served.

— Ernest Hemingway -Ernest Hemingway — writer of Titan, who not only wrote stories, sitting by the fireplace with a pipe in his hand and stroking a fatty hip of the wife, and sought to be at the forefront of the action, fought on the front lines and was gorgeous correspondent. He knew which side need to hold a gun, and how is quickly cut short human life is, how valuable she is, and how much her pig, the founders of the war that send to attack young children.

His book is autobiographical and extremely honest recording, the literary genius turned into something artistic and big. But the greater part of his life, Hemingway earned journalistic word. He wrote a simple, but riddled with truth notes in the various editions. In Russia it is difficult to find something translated from those works, but a certain amount for our readers is available.

This weekend you can refer to the experience of antiquity Hema and read about people who own dishonor allowed to call themselves war veterans. The text of his acrimony leads to a number of complex, conflicting thoughts, but in a country like Russia, where veterans every year becomes only more, it is more than relevant. The note is quite small, and was written for the «Toronto star weekly» in March 1920.

Look up «Cyanide and happiness»

Yes, they’re still alive and regularly produce their videos. «Cyanide and happiness» — not the best animation, which you can find on the Internet, but this does not exist, and «cyanide» at least we can expect the usual evil and immoral brand of humor with a high proportion of the absurd.

The farther they shoot, the more bring in the story element of madness. Sometimes it’s like a crisis of ideas, but their videos have become much more funny than the comic strips. And voiced them regularly, which gives the opportunity each week to see something new, spending a couple minutes on toxic and offensive humor, breaking which, we lower the bar of self-esteem even lower.

On the other hand, «Cyanide and happiness» has always been famous for its earthiness to the lives of ordinary people. In their stories there is nothing supernatural: the authors make fun of — the life of ordinary Americans, laughing at yourself and laughing at the crazy world in which we live. We especially like the episodes dedicated to the theme «ordinary family man in trouble» because it’s not only funny, but also sad.

Go to kvestrum


You can, of course, be limited to peaceful gatherings at home, but what’s the point? You too often spend their precious free time at home, soaking up the TV series, like a sponge, and the window a world that’s waiting for you to pay attention to it. So take feet in hands and taste the happiness beyond the four walls and the screen.

You can go anywhere: even in the Park, even in the woods, at least in bowling, but if you want something special, something you’ll listen to us and go to kvestrum is a relatively new form of joint leisure (and one, of course), where the main criterion for participation is the desire to nut up and have a good time.

If you live in the capital, then pay attention to the fact that offers the site «Customania». They have a large selection of quests, and constantly undergoing updates.Offhand, we selected the three most interesting quest, which is not ashamed to experience in person. You can start with quest, which is created based on the movie «Sleepy hollow» (one of the best works of Burton, in our opinion), but yet it has the influence of such films as «the Blair Witch» and «Ghost house on the hill.»

The creators were inspired by chic films, and all because I wanted to create a unique and strong atmosphere where you can feel the cold breath of the dead right behind. Worked on sets professional props from the industry, so you want to be scared, go on a «Ghost».

If you prefer a more slim and stylish fun, comparable to the wonderful films of Hayao Miyazaki, then you direct road in «spirited away» (should already understand on the basis of the work created by this work!). «Spirited away» is a quest, which is based directly on 7 play rooms, made in the entourage of the famous animation with a touch of steampunk style. Many secret rooms, logical puzzles and opportunities to work with convolutions. The aim of familiar to many fans of Miyazaki — out from the realm of ghosts.


And, of course, we have prepared for you a little sheet and this action — quest «Bank Robbery». Mystery there easier, but the difficulty lies in the fact that the decision to be made pretty damn quick, because you wear the mask of a Bank robber who needs to bypass the sophisticated security systems, to get to the bottom of the box with a lot of money.

You have to overcome the laser grid, heat sensors and motion sensors. You will not do without good old human confrontation. To fight you no one can make, but for the perfect «Bank robbery» you have to test not only your logic and the power of thought, but also physical training — provided leisure in the spirit of «a Dog’s afternoon» with al Pacino.

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