Something to do this weekend #6

High time to discover the truth: the weekend may be better in every way. They can be more fun, more interesting and useful than the last. But you need to put a little effort. Force yourself to open the pages of a book or invite friends over to watch a great show. In the end, you can just leave the house to enjoy an active kind of entertainment that today is different from what you can do behind a computer screen. Be more active, and life will become more interesting. And we will help you with the choice of offering what they like to do on Saturday and Sunday.

Read The «Chronicles» Of Bob Dylan


I did not think that protesting against what or against what did not protest woody Guthrie. I never thought of woody as a singer of protest. If he’s such, such were Sleepy Joe Estes and jelly Roll Morton. However, I fairly regularly hear rebel songs, and they make me really touched.You probably wonder why the Nobel prize for literature was given to the singer who was an icon of the 60s, and now is as old as the geocentric view of the world. But Bob Dylan isn’t a diva with a First channel and not even Kanye West. Bob Dylan, and Jim Morrison, is a bright representative of the pleiad of lyricists, whose work the text takes precedence over the musical component of the song (although it is important). In General, the Nobel Committee 2016 we are very surprised, pleasant way.

The songs of Bob Dylan, even know the students, and even for the older generation, even in Russia, they are the true hymns. We recommend you to listen to his old stuff, where else noticeably shows the influence of country music, and for the seed to songs you can read autobiographical book «Chronicles» where Dylan remembers key moments of his life and work.

In the pages of «Chronicles» a lot of our personal history, stories about the poetic culture of the XX century and key events that created of an ordinary guy named Bob legendary singer named Dylan, who along with Nobel prize was awarded a Grammy, the order of the Legion of honour and the French order of Arts and letters. This guy is not just dedicated his book «Fear and loathing in Las Vegas», think about it.

Look At The «Eric Andre Show»

This is real madness, not the show. A celebration of absurdity, degradation, and very mad humor, which was created in order to fall out of the crazy Russian reality and get immersed in the creative madness, the realm of surrealism. The show is a parody of the all American evening talk show, on the patterns which were created such programs as «Evening Urgant» and «Posner».

Popular hangout Rumble translation regularly translates new releases, but the sequence in the viewer to stand not necessarily. Can start even with the first season, though with the latter — it’s just a show with a very abnormal host who laughs at the guest stars and shamelessly mocks him.

Guests Eric andré, among other things, influential persons, and among them were seen, George Clooney, Jack Nicholson, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Reese Witherspoon. However, the second time they did not come. Also on the show, there are specks of «documentary» footage, with the elements EKSHONA Andre with the crew terrorizing the local population, sometimes ohvatyvaya in the face.

Ride the wave

You still have a little time to get on Board and prove that you’re on the wave, not under it. For this you need to join the community of Russian Floridita, the benefit of the community is growing by leaps and bounds thanks to the technical possibilities of modern surfing sites. So you don’t need to get into the oceans or seas to go on the Board. No need to wait for the right time of year or the weather. You do not need anything, not even the Board — Board will give you in the Park, where a Playground.

The site itself is a pool where, thanks to the thin but very strong water pressure, generated by special pumps, the person feels almost the same as at these wavelengths. We believe in you — you will not be afraid to challenge yourself, to get a powerful dose of adrenaline into the bloodstream. You can ride while standing, sitting on the knees (easier for beginners).

The first heats will be like the thrashing of a child in the bath (no falls to avoid), but after a couple of events you will already understand how to stand on his feet and maybe how to perform simple tricks. If you’re a professional surfer, flowboarding will be a good opportunity for you to practice in the fall and winter. For example, in the complex Sunpark (Saint Petersburg) artificial waves for surfing are open all year round and every day — and to seriously, and just roll the fool with.

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