Something to do this weekend #4

When there is no useful alternative weekend we spend awful as the young — looking old people watching TV, a bottle of whisky or computer game (we are sure that all pensioners of the future will be to do just that zadrotstvovat online games). But I want to do something useful, not only for themselves but for others. On Saturday and Sunday thinking one, because the world does not stand still and continues to slide into Tartar (not the sauce, unfortunately). So today will be a busy utility issue, which will improve your brain and in some sense the soul.

Read a quick overview of the news of Nobel prize

Let’s start with the brain. The Nobel prize is in full swing. Already known laureates in physics, chemistry, physiology and medicine. The economy, literature and peace prize. We are convinced that the award is not talking about the greatest minds, but fools do not get it (except for literature may be a fool to, but there is more).

Honestly, I haven’t really followed the Nobel prize earlier. Got some physicist award, so what? Will be able her to buy a house, well done. On the other hand, is a science, and relevant. He Nobel Committee consists of academics of the highest order, which awarded the prize. Not everyone can understand the essence of the work of the same asinari Osumi, who received the prize in medicine, but don’t we want to develop yourself, to become smarter? Why not understand all these awards?

We propose you to open the Internet and read a summary of the scientific works of Nobel laureates. Let reading this will be abbreviated, inaccurate and incomplete, but at least you will understand what trends exist today in the hardcore science. The one where people make discoveries, not for fireworks and approvals from Mr. President and the Pope, but for the sake of humanity.

Look at the debate on «whether the universe is a computer simulation?»

Even found this video, you can watch right here.

If I’m trying to find God? God is smarter than me. Let them try to find me.

– Isaac Asimov –This is a debate that is Neil Degrasse Tyson, the famous scientist and popularizer of science. But he only moderates the debate and in the dispute agreed a few outstanding scientists who have decided to discuss a rather fantastic theory about the universe as a computer simulation. The debates are free, are held in a relaxed atmosphere six scientists. The debate for those who in science almost fumbles. There will be no formulas or complicated calculations — just chatter, chatter with scientific overtones.

Watch this video, you will also understand how born the craziest ideas in the minds of the most intelligent of humanity, among which are: David Chalmers (Austrian philosopher, specializing in «philosophy of mind»), Zor Davudi (theoretical physicist from mit), Max Tegmark (astrophysicist, Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology), James gates (theoretical physicist University of Maryland), Fox Randall (physicist-theorist, specialist on physics of nuclear particles). Itself scientific conference named in honor of the most brilliant science fiction writer of the twentieth century, was born in our land in the midst of the civil war — Isaac Asimov. A comprehensive discussion, two hours, but listen to it easily. It is possible to replace a show that you probably wanted to watch tonight.

Do a good deed — donate blood


Finally, we propose to do a good deed — donate blood. Yes, it’s not too pleasant entertainment, and not fun at all, but it is a pleasure of a higher order — moral. Even if you have a very bad day, very bad week, and life in General sucks — removal of the blood from your body a bit clear your head. It will be possible to say that you not for nothing spent the weekend, spending the whole procedure no more than an hour (with bursts, the preparation and eating of biscuits). You could even forgo monetary compensation, or take it and give it to some bum on the booze — a few hundred, and the man got a heart attack from joy.

Blood donation can be used as a reason for refusing a meeting with the parents of a friend.

She: Where have you been, bastard?! We agreed this week to spend time with my mom!

You: you Know, one seriously ill child needed my blood, and I could not leave him without help.

Hatred replaced kindness, and then sex. So giving blood is a winning topic from all positions, even from the standpoint of health. Better to plan this thing for Sunday to Friday alcohol wore off in two days.

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