Something to do this weekend #3

The weekend was created in order to make up for the ugliness weekdays. Yes, you only have two days to make a boring week fun, energetic and a little bit useful. Not an easy task, but is created in order to help you in such situations. Today you will find a small list of things that you can adopt. Promise to support your endeavors by example.

Read the essay «Supernatural horror in literature» by HP Lovecraft


We’ve been thinking that you haven’t finished the book, which we advised you last week. So raping your brain with new meanings will next time, but for this weekend you can read iconic literary essays from the master of supernatural horror HP Lovecraft. The essay volume, but can easily be read in a couple of hours. You will receive one of the most expanded explanation of the formation of the horror genre in literature. Lovecraft called all the iconic names, adding to their legendary Edgar Allan PoE.

Even if you’re not a fan of this fiction, you might be interested to learn the facts described in this extremely subjective, but interesting treatise. And if you’re already a fan of the genre, that’s where you’ll find many names that are not even suspected. Of course, Lovecraft special emphasis on the English tradition, but among the recommended works there is a medieval epic, as well as some German authors, like the disgraced Evers.

See documentary «the Lost Gods of Easter Island», David Attenborough


When you need to stretch your brain some interesting history, and it carries with it the seed of knowledge, then you get an instant double benefit — a feast of mind and soul. We offer you to watch a film from the BBC, where the leading advocates of the legendary David Attenborough, whom you’ve probably seen more than once. Attenborough is a luminary of the British documentary, commander of the order of the British Empire (making him a knight). This person can be called a pioneer in the field of documentary films about nature, and the main range of his works relate exclusively to the animal world.

But we suggest you a movie not about the birds and the beasts, and of man. To be more precise, extinct on the hearth of the human civilization, while healthy on Easter Island. This unhappy island which has an area of some 163 square kilometers, has created a unique community of people that developed outside the main currents of civilization.Film begins with the fact that David Attenborough finds a grotesque figure, which he bought from a man who thought of her as a simple souvenir. But Attenborough thinks otherwise, so he decides to conduct an investigation that would lead him to the true value of small, but masterfully executed piece of wood. Along the way, the famous naturalist talks about how evolved human life on a small island where there appeared men whom they worshipped, what was built giant stone heads, and what ultimately led their way of life. Today, many ecologists see the Easter island model of modern society that devours itself in the eyes of their shortsightedness and wasteful lifestyle.


This day was ever to come true. You’ve been putting it off for too long. You said you go there, tell your girlfriend, friends, work colleagues, your dog, but you never went. Why? No time? Loaded with work? Does your back hurt? Too shy to show their thighs in the male locker room? Enough. Use the weekend this week right. Let them be the first weekend you go to the gym. Hallelujah! Seriously, we will support you (for a long time didn’t go to workout, but tomorrow will definitely go).

The hardest part of the training is to begin and get through the first two weeks. Then it will be easier to get involved. Start sprouting muscles like the girls to understand the meaning of the expression «healthy body, healthy mind». If focused on real results, not just getting in shape, then pay attention to crossfit. It is a system of physical exercises, which allows for a relatively short time to achieve outstanding results. Of course, if you’re gonna do with the soul, a courageous return and no mercy for his muscular suffering.

Don’t have to become a crossfit fanatic, but pumped body never hurt anybody, especially if attached to the body of an inflated brain. We think you will quickly find a place where you can productively engage. Crossfit is popular, a number of gyms offer specifically for this area, but if suddenly you live in Moscow, we would advise you to contact the club Dozen Crossfit Club there are strict, harsh and without nozzle. And is located near Kievskaya metro station — to get comfortable.

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