Something to do this weekend #2

Every week we compiled a motley list of the three cases, which answers the main question of modernity: «What to do on the weekend?». We all check in their own skin, or use the advice of friends and friends. So here you won’t see entertainment like «go in flight to the moon» or «eat crabs in Monte Carlo» (although to dissuade will not). We wish you a good weekend, take them to good use!

Read «Liberal fascism» Jonah Goldberg


This book is easy to find in our stores. And you will know why it is being criticized the entire paradigm of modern liberalism, which gradually loses its roots, turns into a creature that seriously smacks of fascism. To approach this book carefully, because it is saturated with ideology. However, in the hands of the person who is willing to use your brain to understand the world, reading would be very useful.

Do not need much courage and intelligence in order to indicate that you do not like and is not considered popular, and shout: «Fascism!». True courage is required in order to look inside yourself, look at your beliefs and ask yourself, can anything that you like, lead to fascism or some other form of totalitarianism under another name.When «Liberal fascism» was released in the U.S., then it immediately poured mud all who belonged to the government establishment. For it the author received a slap from the leading liberal media called him a charlatan, a scumbag, a racist bastard, but somehow the book came out wonderful. The text traces the connections between «classical fascism» and modern liberalism. The present study albeit from a concerned person, but a reasonable person. Must read, but be careful.

See the show «We bare bears»

If you like to drink a lot, Saturday morning or Sunday for you will be a hell of a meal, a time when you want to look at something simple, clear and damn good. None of the movies will not save you — they just last long, and the color scheme really hits to the brain, irritating your bowel. So you suggest the animation, where there is no black humor, and there are just ordinary bears. Each episode lasts a little more than ten minutes that perfectly fit within the scope of ability morning focus of the human body. Besides the topics covered in the animation, clean, pleasing and even courageous. For example, there are always talking about fair friendship, duty and the right approach to the problem.

— One purse with Velcro. One cell phone… Careful, it’s my life and soul in a rectangular shape! —Somehow came up with the idea that «We bare bears» is a show with an extremely conservative view of the world. In General, very good to relax the brain and elevates mood.

Get climbing

It is impossible to sit all weekend at home — zacatepec forget how to move and become a fat fuck, nobody likes you. So we found a place where you can test their stamina, willpower and physical state is a place called big wall climbing. And you thought we invite you to step into the ring? No, climbing here’s how to become a man.

Climbing the 99% is our life. Our UPS and downs. Our daily tasks, puzzles that we must solve. It all depends on you. You learn how to fight step by step to reach set goals, make mistakes, analyze, and seek new ways, new options. In climbing, as in life, accuracy and reliability determine the quality and the speed determines the effectiveness at minimum cost. The laws of powerful people, the laws of the winners!

— Daniel Kozmin, master of sports in rock climbing —to climb the cliff, albeit artificial, you have to learn to use his body a hundred percent. So climbing is an excellent replacement for the fitness club. More interesting and dynamic. Lifting the rock, you’re not just doing a series of repetitive actions — you still fight your fears. For example, fear to fall down. However, when it comes to climbing, any fall is another argument in favor of buying a subscription (after all, there are tethers). Most importantly, of course, is to find a good coach who will be able to adequately assess the level of your physical preparation and to pick you up that rock that’s perfect for you. For this, the coach needs to be at least a master of sports, and as a maximum — the champion of Russia on climbing. That is, a climbing wall though is entertainment, but fun sport where you can not only relax, but also to pump the muscles.

Unfortunately, climbing walls in Russia is not as much as I would like, especially in small towns. But, if you’re a resident of Moscow, you can visit the climbing wall «Rock Zona». Recommend it then, that you fell into the hands of the right coaches, these professionals climbing and mountaineering, among which is the honored master of sports, winners of the world Cup, Champions of Russia, and even six-time champion of the USSR on climbing. In other words, more prestigious and a professional climbing wall in our country just yet.

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