Something to do this weekend #17

We don’t know what you’ve been doing all these days, but suppose to work. Are you tired, exhausted and just want to relax. Fall in bed, get plenty of delicious food and trash all around. You deserve it. On the other hand, if you’re staying in the fetal position all weekend, isn’t it more harder it will be to Wake up on Monday to work? Weekend is to keep the brain and the body is in good shape. For this we advise you to read something clever, see something interesting and go where you probably never went.

1. Read «Germany» Of Tacitus

Not long ago we recommended that sizable, significant and historical. So I will give you a good word — «Germany.» This iconic work of the Roman historian Tacitus, whose name was forgotten during the Middle ages. However, when the Revival took over the reins of society into their own hands, the manuscript of Tacitus was discovered in one of the many abbeys. We can say that «Germany» is a kind of ideological time bomb for the Germans. She has contributed to the national consciousness of the Germans, who flattered the words of Tacitus on the virtuous German the savages of the forests. The works of Tacitus became the justification of the ideology of pan-Germanism. Light Patriotic idea went to hell when it took Adolf Hitler, but that’s another story.

We recommend you to read «Germany» for the overall development, not for implementation in the company germanophiles. Tacitus describes the life, customs and beliefs of the Germanic peoples. He compares them to Roman customs. At that time, at the end of the first century, the historian thinks that the future will think of hippies and other fans of «the simple life». He idealizes the simple, but honest life of the Germans. Perverse Imperial Rome-criticized historian. It is unlikely you will read this book avidly, but have the text on the desktop is a prerequisite for a person who is interested in history or civilizational processes.

2. See the lecture by Alexander Sergeyev «Myths about science: pseudoscience and naukowej»

Found for you a lecture that in practical life you will not help, but it will help in life intellectual. We have already referred to the video with Alexander Sergeyev, member of the Commission of Sciences to combat pseudoscience, but now we were able to find a full lecture, which lasts two and a half hours. It seems that a lot, but it is better to watch this video than to sleep this time. To sleep you will always have time, but to be a little better to justify the title of homo sapiens, you can not make it.

What is a lecture? It is the failure of the perception of science the modern man. Alexander Sergeyev, instead of overwhelm with its power to charlatans, astrologers, and other magicians, says that even people who believe in science, I could be wrong. Why? Because of the fundamental difference between faith in science and faith in the spaghetti monster does not exist. Scientific thinking comes into confrontation with any form of faith, even if this belief is aimed at scientific thinking.

After listening to this lecture, you will satisfy your intellectual hunger for weeks ahead. You will have food for thought. You’re going to argue, agree or settle with the lecturer is indifferent Sergeyev will not leave you.

3. Go to an art gallery

Promise that next time will offer you a more active. But you should know that everything we offer you, we are doing ourselves. And this weekend we’re going to go on the exhibition French the graphics, which we pass in the city. There will be an exhibition of beautiful? God knows, while you don’t go you’ll never know. We offer you to join us even if you live in another city. In fact, a trip to an art gallery does not have to be something unique to you. It’s a simple form of leisure. We would recommend it to anyone who can not stand modern art, old art and in General art. The fact is that when you see the painting in person and not with the screen, it sends a very different energy. You look and realize that it was written by a living person, maybe a genius, maybe crazy, but she is not just a set of colors, shapes and paints — she lives her life like any other living creature.

If you hate modern art, God is with you — go to the exhibition of Diego velázquez or Bruegel. If you don’t like the stuff, give a chance to young artists — they are not so famous, but time will put everything in its place. Suddenly live in your town genius, exhibits and sells paintings for a penny, and you don’t even know. Another plus of going to the gallery is available, inexpensive and much nicer than sitting and doing nothing.

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