Something to do this weekend #16

It’s your first post-holiday weekend in 2017, and you don’t know what to do? Do not worry — will help to cope with this ubiquitous problem. We will offer you good reading and a good movie, and a good thing. Can choose one, and you can follow our advice in full, as we’ll do it ourselves.

Read the story by ray Bradbury «the Girl in the trunk»

We will not torment you voluminous prose — short time to get there. Instead, offer to read one of the most memorable and powerful stories of the cult of ray Bradbury «Girl in the trunk». Be warned that the story is irrelevant to fiction has not. This story is scary, but not an abundance of bloody scenes, and the cruelty and exclusion that can capture the mind of parents.

In the center of the story — a little boy who is in the attic found a chest in which the «hidden» girl. The reader understands that the girl was not there by accident, but the boy, with the inherent naivety of children, trying to understand what is happening. He begins to distract the adults who dine downstairs. He’s trying to draw attention to themselves, but the parents just get annoyed and angry and trying to shut the boy. Believable and heartfelt story — good read for the weekend.

See «Formation of humanity multiplanetary»

How do you feel about Elon musk? Today the society is divided into those who sincerely admires this outstanding figure of technological progress, and those who treat this character with suspicion and even with derision. First cause arguments in the field of scientific and engineering achievements, and the second suggests that the company’s Mask is not as successful for the financial indicators, as is commonly believed.

Look nevertheless, not confined to financial performance and specific major projects that can potentially change the perception of the human civilization. In September of 2016, Elon Musk held a business presentation regarding his desire to make Mars a second home for humanity. This is a strong statement that seems absurd. Not every scientist shares the enthusiasm of the Mask. A few days ago the translation of this symbolic presentation, where Elon Musk clearly and in detail explains why the colonization of Mars is not a raving lunatic, but a real possibility. Let’s hope that the adventurer from Silicon valley will keep his word and will go down in history as the man who introduced us to the red planet.

Go to the drama theatre

Will not breed snobbery here, but the dramatic theatre remains one of the Central temples of art», and if you don’t remember, it’s difficult to call a man of culture. Don’t hide the theater. The theatre will die then when you die, Western civilization, so it still all survive. We will not hide, that in the childhood considered theatrical performances eerily boring. But then we saw hamlet, which swept across the stage completely naked — it was improvisation for the actor, who made a show in a classic. This item, it did not spoil the production. Contemporary theatre is able to reach the hearts of the audience.

Maybe you wanted to go to the movies on any popular movie with a huge budget and pathos, but make an exception to the rule — look at the repertoire of the drama theater, buy a ticket for two (theater better to go with a friend) and enjoy real views. Believe that you will get a lot of pleasure. Separately recommend the play «the gospel according to Woland» by Mikhail Bulgakov. If such a repertoire is not, then go for something classic or drop the seriousness and pay attention to any musical, written by American author.

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