Something to do this weekend #15

After a week of the New year, so it’s time for great accomplishments. And we really want to offer to do something unusual, something that you never did (we think so), but not to shock you very much, we will offer a series of familiar tasks that will save you from Christmas rush. Time to think about eternal rest.

Read an interview with Carl Gustav Jung, «Diagnosing the dictators»

Carl Gustav Jung is interesting not only as a psychologist but also as a great thinker. If you want to get to know him, read the book «Archetype and symbol» is popular fiction, which will go to anyone who actually knows how to read. Then there is no need to have a lot of knowledge to understand the main message of the book. Here with his other work, things are otherwise, because they need to grasp. However, you don’t have time to read, so you can even discard the book and read the interesting interview — Jung had a lot of them.

One of the most interesting is called «Diagnosing the dictators», 1938. At the time Carl Gustav Jung gave a very clear and honest assessment of Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini. Interview, I must say, strange, because it is given on the eve of the war — Jung feels it and understands the psychological causes of its beginning. Today we also live in a large voltage. Recently shot the Russian Ambassador, and the war in Syria has been simmering for a minute. Think ahead, one should expect the big Bang, but it will not. Why? Read «Diagnosing the dictators» and you will understand what is the difference between the eras.

See a documentary about the multiverse

Distract from the bad guys who raped the world in the middle of the century and refer to the eternal — to the universe, to be more precise, in the multiverse. The theory of the multiverse is striking in its scope. The term was coined by philosopher and psychologist William James in 1895. Unique in this concept is that there is no right of his own. In other words, insight into the structure of the multiverse, its nature and the internal relations between the universes depend on the selected hypothesis. And hypotheses, and they do not only have scientific roots.

There is, for example, the biblical idea of parallel worlds. Fiction also gave birth in their minds alternate reality. Philosophers are not far behind, and physicists and cosmologists butt together to prove the truth. It seems to us that the question of the multiverse will never be closed, so it’s best to adhere to the interpretation now. For example, for the film that we put above, he is a good shot National Geographic.

Be someone’s dad

This is the case you will call us crazies. But we had to offer you. Don’t worry, you’ll be only the biological father won’t even know your child, but the feeling that somewhere there is a man who is half of your DNA is priceless. Such people may even be two, three, four — ten. It all depends on how often you’ll be getting a sperm donor clinics planned pregnancy. So, we offer you to be madness to sell his sperm.

Why do it? Well, if you are not attracted to the idea that somewhere will run your biological children, then we have to tell you one cool thing — your sperm will be examined. Given that HIV and other sexually transmitted crap groped the ground for our unhappy land, then you will be useful and nice to know before the New year that all your reproductive organs in order. The realization that you are healthy sexually is always a pleasure. And if you do find something, you will be grateful that you heeded our advice, it is better to know now than in 2017.

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