Something to do this weekend #14

We are with you again, and again suggest you spend some time as we’ll do it ourselves. The weekend is an opportunity to catch up, so much sense in how to conduct them well. Anyway, all should be within the scope of the concept of «rest», because no one wants to spend two days on something complex, difficult and daunting. We all want a holiday — ordinary, intellectual and cultural.

1. Read «waiting for Santa» by Bentley little

For a start, we decided to give you a bit of the old literature of horror. To raise the Christmas mood. Bentley little is a great writer, who knows not so much to scare as to shock. He always had interesting stories. Some of them can have a fantastic laugh and think. «Waiting for Santa» one of these stories.

The story completely turns the idea of good grandfather with a white beard who gives gifts to children. The real Santa, according to the author, represents something completely different. And if you believe in it, then it certainly will present you a gift, but it is unlikely you’ll like it. To feel the madness of the narrative, we recommend you to pay attention to the audio version of the story, which was written by a talented reciter Vladimir Knyazev — he specializiruetsya on modern horror fiction. A great read.

2. See the lecture about the modern art of Dmitry Gutov

If last week was the science, this is art. The most problematic aspect of any art is its modern side. She always looks like shit, despite the fact that any innovation has consistently been considered the portion of terror in the background of the «great classics». Even today it is difficult to understand modern art, but they are not just daubs, and if there is, it is daub meaningful. With this thesis, not all in the wording I agree, but it’s never too late to learn something new or try to look at the problem from the other side. For example, we’re going to see a lecture by Dmitry Gutov, the famous Russian artist, about how to understand something that very difficult to understand. For a half hour, he manages to cover a huge reservoir of intangible heritage of humanity, which is accepted, from the point of view of the layman, think bad.

3. Go to the exhibition or Museum

There are many ways to spend leisure time usefully. But not every method will give you intellectual pleasure. Go to the movies or bowling but do you have the courage to put his eyes in the direction of the museums? But there are things that by its very existence opens a portal to another dimension — the age of kings, barbarians, ancient gods or ancient people. In fact, they have a very large range of topics so it’s easy to find something that will appeal to you. For example, we are supporters of ancient civilizations and when we see some kind of sarcophagus or old Assyrian statue, fall into a stupor — I want to touch the antiquity, and only the rules of the museums forbid it.

But museums have always had a problem with the tickets is very inconvenient to stand in line for them, and then to hear «wait some more». Good people have come up with a good solution: a single ticket for the exhibitions and museums — «cultural Passport of a citizen». This document is really meant only for those who appreciate culture. He is a pass for unlimited visits to museums, which is fucking convenient. Take, for example, a subscription for one year and may every day to go to museums — won’t hold. In addition, the effect of the «passport» applies not only to Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also in 18 other cities.

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