Something to do this weekend #13

So we got to the Baker’s dozen — one of the favorite numbers of some of the guys from our team. Sometimes we think that the number 13 really has some force, but when our thoughts go too far, just remember that people tend to selectively apply to events that happen to him. For example, if you see the number 13 everywhere, you just accent the attention on this figure, and all the rest do not give any value. But we digress — today, you and us (we remind that the editorial Board supports all your endeavors) can look forward to three rewarding, enjoyable and strange things that are associated with what to read, what to see and where to go.

Read the story by Robert Sheckley «Demons»

Robert Sheckley is a recognized writer of world level, which has created hundreds of great science fiction short stories and several dozen sci-Fi novels. A prolific writer, with a unique charm. We recently discovered it, and we were most attracted by the ability to introduce an element of humor in a rather serious topic, about which we can argue the long winter evenings.

For reading we have chosen the story «Demons», but fear not the infernal words — there is nothing to worry about. Robert Sheckley created fiction where you can just laugh. Imagine that a grandson of Beelzebub living in hell, is summoning a demon, who must fulfill his desire. Nothing original in the desire of no 10 000 «krotka», even immortal life he does not need. However, instead of having to summon a demon, he is just an insurance agent from the human world. But the grandson of one of the main supporters of Satan don’t care who materialized before his eyes — an insurance agent needs to fulfill a desire, or it will be perpetual imprisonment.

Watch the video with a Prim British on the subject of gravity

Recently one of our friends said in high school: «why do we need scientists? They are so many — not needed in Russia popular science activities.» If it said Milonov, we would understand, but it said the woman who manages the whole Department. How did it get there? How did she even have the right to be part of a higher educational institution? We do not know, but we know that the science — they are eternal, very interesting and important.

For example, if you take such a simple thing as gravity, then after a while you realize that gravity is far from simple, its function and nature is shrouded in mystery and the study will be a matter of life for many people. On the issues which gives rise to gravity, the famous British scientist sir Martin Rees. He is not only an outstanding astrophysicist, the owner of knightly virtues, and the astronomer Royal. He is also just a good person in communication, and this is a video that was recorded specially for Russia.

Stairs to the popular science lecture

You’ll be surprised, but almost in any city of Russia to conduct such lectures. They collect tiny number of people, as a rule. And it’s because of them knows only a small circle of initiates. However, among lecturers can be smart people in your city who can tell you interesting things from history, anthropology, physics, mathematics, cosmology and more. The entrance to such events is equivalent to the cost of the Beers, so the choice you have to make do with one beer and to go to a lecture on quantum mechanics, or to drink two Beers and be a fool.

We fools won’t, so on Sunday going to visit the event, which is dedicated to rational thinking. Your town could be something else, but in any case, it’s good for your brain, even if the acquired knowledge you will never use in practice. It’s not only benefits, but also to develop their personality in all directions.

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