Something to do this weekend #12

Frankly, we are so glad that winter has gone and got really cold. I live in the southern latitudes, and we have all this snow and ice madness is never enough. So the first week of winter deserves special respect — the holidays are approaching and with them concerns about gifts and relatives, but can not drive themselves into a corner — you should be able to relax. And to celebrate the next winter, we offer several ways. All within the tradition: what to read, where to go and what to see. We keep you company, promise.

1. Read the essay «Doors of perception» by Aldous Huxley

The United States continues to amaze us with their news. In this country endorsed the holding of a large-scale clinical trials ecstasy. Two hundred patients with post-traumatic stress disorder will take part in the experiment, worthy of the best pages of «Fear and loathing». If all goes well, then in ecstasy to be used in clinical practice.

This news prompted us to re-read the classic essay by Aldous Huxley «Doors of perception», where the legendary writer and philosopher, describes his experience of the use of mescaline. It is this essay at the time was the reason for conducting large-scale research in the field of drugs. «Doors of perception» opened the world psychedelic era, which we all love — sex, drugs and rock-n-roll.

2. Look up «Memes and maclaverty»

We continue to get involved monologues scientific journalist Alexander Sergeyev, who, it seems, can explain any complex concept understandable human words. This time he talks about memes, cultural replicators and how they are related to religions, ideologies, scientific theories, and everything that is included in the scope of our cultural, scientific and social life. Becomes clear how information is distributed in our species, and how memes are transmitted. If this transmission to intercourse? Or the fact that a meme is a virus that changes our mind, makes you act a certain way?

On this subject I can talk for a long time. And it is full of literature — Dawkins to help you. But for an initial understanding of the question it is best to watch this video. Simple, clear and tasteful. And this is the only movie where a science journalist says the word «fuck».

3. Take a friend to the rink


And, finally, action, which involves leaving the house. Not the whole weekend there hanging around, because you know it.

What do we offer? Almost every town has a rink. In southern cities they open with the arrival of cold weather, but if not, then there is always indoor skating rinks. Understand that to ride a brandy — employment is trivial if you’re 50 years old, and my youth you had done so. But for us young guys, it’s an event, for which preparations are not very enthusiastic about causes — need to get together, learn a little and move your feet, to give money for skate rental. Some difficulties, but they are worth it if you go with a girl and engage in a «active» date where it is necessary not only to absorb dinner in the restaurant, but just a good time.

If you do not have girls, and have friends, then you can easily play hockey. Again, you can rent all the necessary equipment. If you rent a problematic one, just get the puck and the stick is worth a bit, given that buying something else is not necessary, except that the helmet (knock the teeth washer — the task is simple). In General, you can gather with great company and play real hockey.

Stretch your muscles and relax your brain — core excitement of the game, fun, pleasant physical exhaustion and the realization that you can play not only computer games but also courageous and real. We are already looking indoor skating rinks.

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