Something to do this weekend #11

Let’s spend the weekend without a serious and important matters, at least for this week. No fuss and domestic troubles, but with games, books, and some interesting film that will expand your horizons. Life is not just work, work, work. It is also a leisure. And better when he combines pleasure and benefit. Why you need We’ll show you what to do, and will not abandon you at the crucial moment — we stand in the same ranks.

Read the first issue of «a Little depressed guy»


Decided to tell you something so unusual and so good that we have already come to the second issue, until you read first. So what are we talking about? And it’s about a very strange comic book where the main hero is not a man with a mountain of muscles and superpowers, but an ordinary guy who really doesn’t know anything. Not only that, it can be called a loser, so he is still very unsure of himself — even his body like a rag doll. The comparison is strong, because you’ve experienced that, when you have something did not work — living like a doll. In General, if you set lazy days, then this comic will be very useful. Yes, and a lot of the time he will not take.

Watch the concert from beginning to end

If you look out the window, then, with a probability of 65% will see the power of frost, which was put in the ice and snow roads and sidewalks. To go on it nobody wants, even if the adjacent street is a club that comes to your favorite band. But, fortunately, the Internet allows us to watch everything from the house, and you can have a few Beers, order a pizza and cuddle up for some concert for a couple of hours. Personally, we will watch the performance of old Rob Zombie, new album which we never tasted. Passage attach to the text, but you can find something worthy of your concepts about good music. Concert deliver? No difference, but recommend you watch it, to assess the performance of a rock star as it deserves: with all mistakes, inaccuracies and what is happening on stage.

Play with friends in poker


This week we are going to play poker. If more than six people, then this kind of leisure will cost a few hundred. And we are not talking about rates, but about the hire table in any establishment, be it a bar, people, including young children or a coworking space. You just have to find a set of poker, which contains a sufficient amount of chips to the game was the Titanic coloring.

Poker is good for many reasons. If we talk about Texas hold’em, it is undemanding game. You can start playing it from scratch — you only need to remember the combination, and all. You can print combinations on a separate sheet and put it at the poker table, when suddenly someone will forget. But the company must be people who have played poker and understand the essence of the gameplay. It will familiarize you with terms such as dealer, big and small blind, ante and so on.

We also believe that poker is a great opportunity to accompany a conversation of any kind. You can play with colleagues to discuss the case, but you can with friends with beer — no one requires players crazy tracking game. Of course, the poker game is absurd without pecuniary interest, but we’ll tell you the following: was the nominal rate, and your excitement to leave with him.

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